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Use our search facility to find the closest Western Union to you. If you can't be bothered then click on the website link and you will be taken directly to their website where you can open an account instantly and transfer money internationally to a love one. Western Union are one of the oldest facilities that offers an instant way to send money and when they mean instant it can be sent in minutes using their cash network facilities. No bank or other money transfer company can come close to the service they offer.

Western Union has over 489,000 agent locations worldwide. WU money transfer agents help you send money to a destination quickly.

WU Pay Online Customer Identification Process

Before you can send money using WU they need to verify your identify which is required by the European Union banking regulations when sending money online. The WU Pay identification process is simple:

  1. After your make your first two transactions and you try to make your third transaction a button will appear in the "My identification status" section of your WU profile.
  2. Before you can send money again, you'll need to click the button to start the process. NOTE: You won't see the button until you've completed two online transactions within a year.
  3. Most returning customers will get verified automatically by their system. If WU Pay need more information from you, they will send you an email telling you what you need to do. It's that easy.

PLEASE NOTE: WU Pay may ask you to upload a copy of your identification as part of a separate verification process during a transaction. In this case, you'll see specific instructions within the transaction itself. You'll also be able to get to the upload page and instructions directly from your profile. Documentation sent to the address listed for the EU identity process won't enable you to continue your transaction.

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