Travelex Travel Money Reviews - Buy Holiday Money

Commission Fee: 0%
Free Orders: Over £500
Buy Back?: Yes
Handling Fee: Free
Delivery Options: After payment your holiday money will be delivered standard class delivery. If you pay extra for next day or express, A £3.95 delivery charge applies to all orders under £300 - and a £1.95 delivery charge applies to all orders under £500, orders above £500 are free delivery

Travelex Travel Money Reviews - Buy Holiday Money

Travelex Travel Money

How To Use The Travelex Service
Travelex came into existence in 1976 by Lloyd Dorfman. The intention of the company is to help travellers gain access to their funds while abroad. The company is found in more than forty nations and trade with over eighty currencies across the globe.

Travelex Travel Money Based in London, the company is proud of operating more than 1,100 several storefronts. In various travel agencies, banks and supermarkets, the company operates eight hundred and fifty ATMs. In Brazil and South Africa, the company has been able to acquire Group Confidence and FX African respectively.

Travelex Travel Money Review

Can I Specify Currency Denominations from Travelex?
While it may be rare to state currency denominations, travellers are given opportunity to specify their need. On this note, it can be equally accepted that you can always specify currency denominations when using Travelex.

What Are Purchase Fees with Travelex travel money?
Purchase fees are small amounts that the company charges a traveller to have access to their money. For instance, if you want to have access to 100 dollars, two percent may be charged by the company as the purchase fee.

What Are Travelex travel money Handling Fees?
The company now operates prepaid MasterCard in Cash Passport. This is offered now in British Pounds and Euros. The small charge that applies to handling your order at the door step remains the card fee.

Are There Any Admin Fees with Travelex travel money?
People who transfer massive amounts of money may get a waiver. If you are transferring small amount, then be ready to be hit with fees.

How Much Can I Order Online with Travelex?
It is better to order more in the value of money. This will help you enjoy tons of waivers for transferring or ordering online.

Travelex Travel Money Reviews

When Will I Receive My Order?
If you make an order, customers can get their service the same day.

How Competitive Are Currency Rates?
Travelex provides several currencies. Customers can pick common currencies the same day. For uncommon currencies, you will have to order in advance. This shows you the competition in currency rates in Travelex.


Buy Travelex Travel Money

Travelex Travel Money offer great rates on over 50 foreign currencies with several methods such as; Cash, Travellers Cheques or a Cash Passport Card. If you order online or by phone then you can collect your travel money from any of their 126 in store travel money bureaux, or if it's easier buy direct from their in store bureaux.

A great benefit of Travelex travel money is the Buy Back Plus feature they offer. This means Travelex will buy back your unsused foreign currency (notes/travellers cheques only) for the same rate you paid for it, all for a one off charge of £3.99 per item. This offer is available for 31 days from the date of purchase and excludes Cash Passport currency cards.

Before you buy travel money check the following?

  • Compare Travel Money companies before you buy foreign currency, it is advised that you split your holiday money between cash, travellers cheques or a travel money card, this way if you lose one option you wont spoil your holiday with no way to pay.
  • See which foreign currency providers offer additional benefits when buying travel money.
  • Check to see delivery methods and the charges for this all companies offer home delivery; so your holiday money will arrive directly to your home. Alternatively you can choose to pick your holiday money up at the airport or at a local foreign exchange branch.
  • If you have taken too much holiday money just for emergencies you may wish to convert it back into Pounds Sterling, before you buy holiday money see if they offer commission free buy back.
  • Before you buy travel money, confirm the delivery time - you want to make sure you get the money before you go abroad. Also check the Foreign exchange rate you may want to check several providers before you buy to ensure you are getting the best deal.
  • .By ordering online or by phone before 2pm Mon - Thur you can guarantee next day home delivery. What is more, delivery is Free on orders over £500.

Apply Now

Travelex Travel Money Fees

You Have Chosen to Purchase Travelex Travel Money

Before proceeding with your application please note that.

  • A £3.95 delivery charge applies to all orders under £300 - and a £1.95 delivery charge applies to all orders under £500, orders above £500 are free delivery.
  • Online orders paid by credit card will incur a 1.5% charge.
  • All online orders that are collected in-store will a £1.99 fee.

Proceed with your application

  • Please be aware that until payment is made, your travel money order will not be processed.
  • The points outlined above are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for Travelex travel money.
Travelex Holiday Money
  • Please ensure you read their terms & conditions and see a full list of charges.
  • On collection of your travel money or travellers cheques from any in store bureaux be sure to bring at least two forms of ID, preferably a valid passport/drivers license and the card you used to pay for your order.

With the Travelex Online Price Promise, if you find a cheaper overall price on your travel money we'll refund the difference.

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