MyTravelCash Travel Money Reviews - Buy Holiday Money

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MyTravelCash Travel Money Reviews - Buy Holiday Money

myTravelCash Travel Money

In today's tech-savvy world, no matter if it is a private holiday tour, family vacation or an international business meeting, you have plenty of option to buy travel money online, but it shouldn't be the last option you think about before your trip. Otherwise, you will be counting the loss. With the advent of internet technology, you need not make phone calls to book the hotel room, visit airport for buying flight tickets or any other arrangement; all that you need is a laptop or computer with the internet connection. Travel money services are also affected by the latest technologies and offer hazel free online payment option for the users. Online travel services offer best tourist exchange rate thus they are recommended to holiday makers seeking best travel money.

my Travel Cash Travel Money

In most cases, online travel money services don't charge any commission fee, but it is important to compare exchange rates and delivery charges. You will find great differences in the charges of the travel services companies, some travel currency providers still paying low rates and others charging bumper fees.If you plan well, you will have a great time but if you don't then tourist exchange rates may spoil your holiday.

If you have visiting the foreign country for the first time then here are some basic tips to help you get best travel money for your holiday:

1) Buy travel money online:
Never buy currency from the airport of the destination country or any street travel agents. You need not wait in the long queue at an airport where you are simply curious to know what will be the travel exchange rate at that time. Using online travel money services, you put the order online. You can make the comparison between the exchange rates of different travel money services provider companies to get the best deal. Also, make sure that the company has the branch or its office near to your locality. You will receive the delivery of the order on the next working day provided you have put order before 3 PM. Also, they do not charge any commission fee for order above 500bugs but for any amount less than this they charge around 5bugs for delivery.

myTravelCash Travel Money review

2) Never withdraw money from your credit card or debit card:
When you are overseas and withdraw money from your credit card, most of the services providers charge 2.5 or 3% of loading fees, and you are also charged ATM withdrawal fees. Also, you will be charged higher interest rate from the day you withdraw money. Nobody can afford the higher interest rate than the actual purchase you made. Thus it is advisable to keep some cash and traveller's checks on hand.You should use the credit card for emergency purposes only. Same as the credit card, debit card withdrawals are also charged some fees.

3) Buy traveller's checks and cash:
It is not safe to keep all money with you. But it is advisable if you keep the mixture of traveller's checks, cash and cards. When you have to pay the tip to the waiter or do some street shopping, cash is the must. In case, traveller's checks get stolen you can order new checks, and additional checks can also be returned.

There are some online international travel money services which allow you to fix all arrangements like hotel, car, etc. well in advance. It's like just move your fingers on a laptop and your holiday plan is ready. Online travel services save your lots of time and a bit of your cash.


Mytravelcash travel money reviews

myTravelCash update their currency rates daily and offer travel money online. By only providing an online service they can be more competitive with their prices.
My travel cash travel money service where they constantly checking its Foreign Exchange rates for Travel money against competitors to ensure they provide value for money and to give the best price available on the internet.

Choose from over 30 different currencies to buy.
No commission fees and no minimum amount to buy
My travel cash travel money fees & charges
Commission fee - Free
Delivery charge - Free on orders over £600.00
My travel cash branch collection - No retail locations - online sales only
Buy back option - Not available
My travel cash offer a better competitive rate by only providing currency online
Payments made by debit card - credit card or electronic transfer.
Benefits - My travel cash is committed to offering you the best price, commission-free, foreign currency in the UK.

Before you buy travel money check the following?

  • Compare Travel Money companies before you buy foreign currency, it is advised that you split your holiday money between cash, travellers cheques or a travel money card, this way if you lose one option you wont spoil your holiday with no way to pay
  • See which foreign currency providers offer additional benefits when buying travel money.
  • Check to see delivery methods and the charges for this all companies offer home delivery; so your holiday money will arrive directly to your home. Alternatively you can choose to pick your holiday money up at the airport or at a local foreign exchange branch.
  • If you have taken too much holiday money just for emergencies you may wish to convert it back into Pounds Sterling, before you buy holiday money see if they offer commission free buy back.
  • Before you buy travel money, confirm the delivery time - you want to make sure you get the money before you go abroad. Also check the Foreign exchange rate you may want to check several providers before you buy to ensure you are getting the best deal.

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  • On collection of your travel money or travellers cheques from any in-store bureaux be sure to bring at least two forms of ID, preferably a valid passport/drivers license and the card you used to pay for your order.

myTravelCash offer a convenient service whether you travel frequently for business or pleasure.

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