Sainsbury's Travel Money Reviews - Buy Holiday Money

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Sainsbury's Travel Money Reviews - Buy Holiday Money

Sainsbury's Travel Money

Everyone has a common dream in its life to explore the world with your loved ones and enjoy life. But while travelling, everyone carry plenty of money in cash for urgent or difficult times or to make the most of the trip. But carrying cash is always an hectic job as there is always a threat of theft or loss. Hence, in these era of digital market .

Travel Money is a boon for the travellers these days . Travel Money is nothing but a prepaid travel card which eradicates the management of cash. It is very easy to use and one can avail it at nominal charges and handling fee.Travel cards are not linked to bank accounts and holds an unique account no. and easily accessible via internet.

Sainsburys Travel Money

There are many companies who provides the travel card, for e.g Sainsbury's Travel Money .These companies offer competitive currency rates on over 50 foreign currencies with different methods such as cash, travellers cheques or a cash passport currency card. In all these options prepaid currency card is the best option as it can be reloadable as per the requirement and can be used abroad for free cash withdrawals with added security. There are other benefits as well by using Travel cards as using them for online orders or store purchases one can get reward points or nectar points .

Sainsbury's Travel Money Review

These points can be converted into cash or one can redeem these points by purchasing products via online mode. It also has buyback option which means that company will buy back all unused foreign currency (notes/travellers cheques only ) for the same rate one paid for it. One should check the offers and rates of the leading travel cards providers in comparison table and then go for the suitable one. Travel cards are the most secured and comfortable technique of carrying money in this technological era which provides value to the customers .


Sainsbury's Travel Money Reviews

Sainsbury's Travel Money offer great rates on over 50 foreign currencies with several methods such as; Cash, Travellers Cheques or a Cash Passport prepaid currency card.

  • If you order online or by phone then you can collect your travel money from any of their 126 in store travel money bureaux, or if it's easier buy direct from their in store bureaux.
  • A great way of securing your travel money is by using Sainsbury's Cash Passport prepaid currency card option. By loading your travel money on to a currency card you can benefit from added security and FREE cash withdrawals abroad!
  • By ordering online or by phone before 2pm Monday - Thur you can guarantee next day home delivery, whats more, delivery is Free on orders over £500.
  • You will also be able to collect Nectar points on all online orders & in store purchases!
  • Another great benefit of Sainsbury's travel money is the Buy Back Plus feature they offer. This means Sainsbury's will buy back your unused foreign currency (notes/travellers cheques only) for the same rate you paid for it.
  • All for a one off charge of £3.99 per item. This offer is available for 31 days from the date of purchase and excludes Cash Passport currency cards.

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  • £2.35 - £4.75 delivery charge applies to all orders under £500
  • Online orders paid by credit card will incur a 1.5% charge
  • All online orders that are collected in-store will a £1.99 fee

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  • Please be aware that until payment is made, your travel money order will not be processed.
  • The points outlined above are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for Sainsbury's travel money.
  • Please ensure you read their terms & conditions and see a full list of charges.
  • On collection of your travel money or travellers cheques from any in-store bureaux be sure to bring at least two forms of ID, preferably a valid passport or drivers licence and the card you used to pay for your order.

Great exchange rates on all foreign currency - choose from cash, travellers' cheques or Sainsbury's Bank prepaid MasterCard currency card

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