RationalFX Travel Money Reviews - Buy Holiday Money

Commission Fee: 0%
Free Orders: £400+
Buy Back?: No
Handling Fee: Free
Delivery Options: After payment your holiday money will be delivered standard class delivery. If you pay extra for next day or express

RationalFX Travel Money Reviews - Buy Holiday Money

RationalFX Travel Money review. As the world is becoming a global village people seek to travel from one place to another. Depending upon their choices and their budget but at the same time carrying a huge amount of money. Like old times is not a feasible solution. So, people seek for different travel agents and travel insurance companies to make their travel arrangements in a cost-effective way. Consequently, thousands of companies around the world are providing the services locally. And internationally to assist the travellers as per their demands.

While few of the companies like Post Office are popular in the United Kingdom amongst many which provide different travel insurance and money transfer services in multi currencies to their customers.

Rational FX Travel Money Services. Therefore, they provide the packages depending upon the requirements. Also, providing the feasibility of money denominations over many currencies. The Post office provides this service for around 70 currencies but lower denominations are available for lower purchases but it provides the available denominations mixed with bank notes.

Like all other banks and service providers. There a purchase fee and card issuer fee which displayed to the user during the order process. The delivery charges are of the amount £1.90 but the minimum order should be above £400. For the credit card users. The service provider charges a cash in advance fee for buying Travel Money.

All the online orders paid using a credit card charged with 1.5% of the the amount on Saturdays. While the order charges of the amount above £500 are delivered for free at home or collected from the branch. These orders are delivered for free during weekdays but charged with some extra fee on Saturdays.


RationalFX Travel Money

RationalFX Travel Money Review? There are some credit limitations for online ordering like minimum order should be of the amount £400. And maximum order should be of the amount £2500. On the other hand, there are no any administration charges.

Post office gives an option to choose the delivery date and location while putting the order. An option is displayed to obtain the currency within the same day from a local branch if the amount is not huge. If there aren't any then this option is not displayed in the drop-down list. However, an option for delivery at home address or branch is given to fulfil the order. In the next working day if the order is placed before 3 pm.

Currency rates keep on changing every day but the company provides. The currency rate depending upon the foreign currency exchange rates which displayed during the ordering process. The post office provides the feasibility of buyback plus feature where we can resell the unused currency. In case of cancelling the order company will charge an amount of £20.00.

RationalFX strength lies in the vast knowledge and expertise of their foreign exchange dealers, who look forward to discussing your currency requirements and formulating the best FX strategy to help you avoid fluctuations in the FX market. RationalFX have been providing travel money and international money transfer payments for many years.

Buying your holiday money with RationalFX is easy where you can purchase through their online travel money service.

  • 0% commission on all holiday money orders
  • Free delivery on all  holiday money orders online
  • Competitive rates of exchange
  • The widest range including exotic currencies and traveller's cheques
  • Minimum order £100

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Rational FX Travel Money Review

Totally secure online ordering RationalFX international payments service offer home delivery. Also, RationalFX based in the City of London and regulated by the FSA as a payments institution. In addition, RationalFX international payments service offers can save you on currency transfers with International Payments. And Money Transfers by offering great Exchange Rates and No Fees or Commissions. So, RationalFX at Holland House, Bury Street, London EC3A 5AW.

Rationalfx is a company part of the Lenlyn Group. Rationalfx has become one of the largest and most respected retail foreign currency exchange brands. And has opened more than 75 new branches in the last two years alone and our total estate now comprises over 300. RationalFX branches and RationalFX operate at more than 65 airports across four continents.

You have chosen to buy RationalFX Travel Money. Please Note that;

  • £2.95 charge on travel money orders under £400
  • Enter your name and address details
  • Make payment by debit card or credit card
  • Note that paying RationalFX by credit card may incur an additional charge
  • Until payment made your travel money order not processed.
  • These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for RationalFX Travel Money.
  • Please ensure you read terms and conditions and see a full list of charges.
  • When collecting your Cash or Travellers Cheques from any shops. Please ensure you bring your valid passport. And the credit/debit card you used to pay for this order.

RationalFX is a trading name of Rational Foreign Exchange Limited where RationalFX is trusted by thousands of satisfied customers who have transacted over 1 Billion GBP in foreign exchange transactions

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