ICE Travel Money Review - Buy Holiday Money

Commission Fee: 0%
Free Orders: min £700
Buy Back?: Yes
Handling Fee: Free
Delivery Options: After payment your holiday money will be delivered standard class delivery. If you pay extra for next day or express,

ICE Travel Money Review - Buy Holiday Money

ICE Travel Money

International Currency Exchange (ICE)
When it comes to planning trips overseas, certain critical factors come into play. For one, you have to get a good company that offers the most competitive money transfer services. The answer to these two questions among others will give a clear guideline of the most reliable currency providers during the holiday season: do they provide the best currency exchange rates in the market? If so, how many currencies can a customer order? Currency providers that also give numerous delivery options with the lowest fees or commission usually suffice. International Currency Exchange provides multiple options to customers that are both attractive and flexible.

ICE Currency denominations.
ICE has over 50 currencies that customers can choose from. These currencies are in stock and can be ordered online. You have the option of giving the specific currency denominations you need from a single currency up to a maximum of 10 currencies.

ICE Fees?
The purchase fees will normally depend on the amount of currency you order. For example, using bank transfer method or a debit card to pay is free, however, using a credit card attracts a processing fee of 2% of the order amount. Orders that are above 700 pounds or its currency equivalent are free to deliver. One the other hand, orders that are less the 700 pounds have a handling fee of 4.75 pounds. All deliveries have an insurance cover.

ICE Travel Money Review

ICE Limits?
Generally, you can order as much as you can online, nonetheless, when paying using a credit or a debit card, you can only order as much as 2,500 sterling pounds. Alternatively, you can order a value of not more than 7,500 sterling pound while using a bank transfer. You can place an order only twice a month as an individual. ICE gives very competitive currency exchange rates with a guaranteed delivery 3 days after ordering.

In conclusion, when it comes purchasing international travel money, everything is at stake. Notwithstanding, choosing the right currency provider will go a long way towards ensuring that you not only get the best currency exchange rates, but also affordable purchase fees.


ICE Travel Money Reviews

ICE Travel Money offer great rates on over 68 foreign currencies with several methods such as, Cash Travellers Cheques or a Cash Travel Card. If you order online or by phone then you can collect your travel money from any of their 126 in store travel money bureaux, or if it's easier buy direct from their in store bureaux.

A great way of securing your travel money is by using ICE prepaid card option. By loading your travel money on to a currency card you can benefit from added security and FREE cash withdrawals abroad! Before you buy travel money check the following?

  • Compare Travel Money companies before you buy foreign currency, it is advised that you split your holiday money between cash, travellers cheques or a travel money card, this way if you lose one option you wont spoil your holiday with no way to pay
  • See which foreign currency providers offer additional benefits when buying travel money.
  • Check to see delivery methods and the charges for this all companies offer home delivery; so your holiday money will arrive directly to your home. Alternatively you can choose to pick your holiday money up at the airport or at a local foreign exchange branch.
  • If you have taken too much holiday money just for emergencies you may wish to convert it back into Pounds Sterling, before you buy holiday money see if they offer commission free buy back.
  • Before you buy travel money, confirm the delivery time - you want to make sure you get the money before you go abroad. Also check the Foreign exchange rate you may want to check several providers before you buy to ensure you are getting the best deal.
International Currency Exchange Review

Ice Postage fees and charges

  • FREE insurance on all deliveries and FREE next working day delivery on orders over £700.
  • £4.75 handling fee for orders under £700.
  • £0.99 additional fee for Saturday guaranteed delivery or £14.99 additional fee for 9:30am next working day delivery.

Making Payment for Ice travel money? - FREE when paying by debit card or paying by bank transfer. There is 2% card processing fee when paying by credit card

Limit Orders for getting Ice travel money?

  • £100 minimum order or £2,500 maximum value when paying by debit / credit card. Or £7,500 order value when paying by bank transfer

Number of travel money orders you can make? 1 order per person every 14 days

Apply Now

Buy ICE travel money

You Have Chosen to Purchase ICE Travel Cash Before proceeding with your application please note that;

  • A £6.00 delivery charge applies to all orders under £500
  • online orders paid by credit card will incur a charge

Proceed with your application

  • Please be aware that until payment is made, your travel money order will not be processed.
  • The points outlined above are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for ICE travel cash.
  • Please ensure you read their terms & conditions and see a full list of charges
  • On collection of your travel money or travellers cheques from any in-store bureaux be sure to bring at least two forms of ID, preferably a valid passport/drivers license and the card you used to pay for your order.

ICE - International Currency Exchange are specialists in providers of retail Bureau de Change and online foreign exchange services.

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