The Currency Club Travel Money Review - Buy Holiday Money

Commission Fee: 0%
Free Orders: Min £700
Buy Back?: Yes
Handling Fee: Free
Delivery Options: Travel Money Providers offering home delivery

The Currency Club Travel Money Review - Buy Holiday Money

Currency Club Travel Money Services and all about CurrencyClub?

Can I specify currency denominations?
Currency denominations for the US dollar range from 1,5,10 to 20 dollar bills while the Euro divisions go for up to 100 euro bill. They offer almost all the standard denominations available in the over 40 travel money currencies under their reach.

However, in case the denomination you want is not available; it will be rounded off to the nearest possible available one at that time.

What are purchase fees?
CurrencyClub has an optimizer software that gives you a price quote for the particular amount and type of currency that you want to send. The cost is not inclusive of delivery charges (which is free for local deliveries) or card handling fees. The purchase fees include the currency rates and additional charges.

What are card handling fees?
There are charges of 2 % on credit cards and 0.25% when it comes to debit cards. Cards supported include MasterCard, Visa and Maestro.

Are there any administration fees?
Administration fees are charged when you make changes to an already placed order. The fee is fixed at 10 Euros and may or may not be implemented. The verdict solely lies upon the decision of CurrencyClub.


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How much can I order online?
You can make an order of at least 300 Euros for cash transactions while for debit or credit cards, your order should not exceed the 2,500 Euro mark. However, you can make an order that surpasses this amount by 5,000 Euros should you go the bank transfer way.

When will I receive my order from The Currency Club Travel Money?
You'll get your order the day after the purchase subject to the time of application, which is quite fast. However, if you make an order on a Friday, it will arrive on the subsequent Monday.
Orders made before noon are delivered the following day by one p.m. on weekdays. Outside this timeline, an order will take no more than two business days.

How competitive Currency Club Travel Money currency rates?
CurrencyClub has one of the best rates in the market which is evident from the three major currencies that usually set the pace in the industry. The British pound offers a like for like exchange at 1.00, the Euro 1.113 and not far behind is the US Dollar which is at 1.2832.

The company has an experienced team of professionals under its belt that closely monitor market trends daily to ensure they always stay ahead of the pack with regards to currency rates.

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Currency Club Travel Money Review

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Before proceeding with your application please note that.
A £3.95 delivery charge applies to all orders under £300 - and a £1.95 delivery charge applies to all orders under £500, orders above £500 are free delivery.
online orders paid by credit card will incur a 1.5% charge.
All online orders that collected in-store will a £1.99 fee.

Proceed with your application
Aware that until payment made, your travel money order not processed.
The points outlined above are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for Currency Club travel money.
Please ensure you read their terms & conditions and see a full list of charges.
On a collection of your travel money or traveller's cheques from any in store, bureaux are sure to bring at least two forms of ID, preferably a valid passport/drivers license and the card you used to pay for your order.

if you want exchange rates that offer exceptional currencies for travel money, become a member and join The Currency Club

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