USForex Money Transfer Rates - Exchange Rate

Min Transfer: 1000
Transaction Fees: 0
Margin Rate: 1
Transfer Timescale: 4
FCA Regulated:
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USForex Money Transfer Rates - Exchange Rate

USForex Money Transfer Rates

OFX is an Australian company founded in 2005, formally known as Ozforex. It's an online company which makes it available because everything is done online. A ring fence is a transfer of assets usually overseas and mostly uses an offshore account.

In this review we will cover,
what are purchase fees?
Are there any admin fees?
How much can I order online?
How to open an account?
Compliance for opening an account?

USForex Money Transfer Rate

  1. Are there any admin fees?
    No. Before OFX was re-branded there was a fee of £7 for every £3000 or less transferred and any amount above that was transferred for free. Now OFX does not charge for any transaction regardless of volume.

  2. How much can I order online?
    OFX has recently reviewed it's limit. Initially, £750 was the minimum transfer limit allowed with no maximum lot set, although now OFX has set it's limit at £100 or it's equivalent in Us dollars, Canada dollars, Hung Kong dollars, Australia dollars and/or New Zeal and dollars.

  3. How to open an account and Compliance for opening an account?
    It is free to open and register an account on OFX. As it's a company that trades online, just click apply to open a free account.


USForex Rates

Buying a vacation home abroad? Moving Overseas? Sending money to family back home? Running a business? Whatever your needs may be, USForex has you covered. Save thousands when moving your money with our cheap international bank transfers .USForex maximum fee is $5 ! And If you make a transfer of $5,000 or above, your transfer is FEE FREE. Completing a money transfer with USForex is easy:

To get a quick quote which is absolutely free.

  • Enter recipient bank account details
  • Send us the funds
  • USForex do the rest. USForex convert and transfer your money for you.
USForex Rate

US Forex Fees & Charges.

  • You are guaranteed extremely competitive exchange rates and cheap transfer fees.
  • Low or Zero Fees where Transactions above;$5,000 have No Fees.
  • OFX standard transfer fee is just $5 for transactions below $5,000.
  • Banks will typically charge you around $40 to 50 for the same service. Please note that free deals cannot be applied to transactions under the minimum deal amount, $1,000 or equivalent.

Currency Exchange Rates
The biggest savings on your currency transfers are due to our low exchange rates. Before you make a currency transfer,none get a quote from USForex and then compare to your bank's rates.
Depending on the size of your currency transfer, USForex can save you thousands of dollars.

Apply Now

USForex Exchange Rates

Click on Register You can open two accounts either a Personal account which is mainly an account for any individual willing to send funds abroad you set your location and use your email as your user name. You then follow the prompts given, like giving details about the currency pairs you need and give more details about you like legal names and number.

Or you can open a business account for doing business overseas, either paying for imports or exports, acquiring property over sea or paying salaries.

  • You choose the country of incorporation and also what type of business entity.
  • You give details of your business entity as well as your transfer range expected.
  • Always remember OFX only deals with bank to bank transaction no cash transaction.
  • Open a US Forex Foreign Exchange Account. You have chosen to open a US Forex Currency Exchange Account.
  • Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely to be approved.

  • Please note that all quotes are free with no obligation to trade.
  • Please ensure you read their terms and conditions and see a full list of terms.
  • A money transfer can only be completed once an account is opened. *Please note: OFX do not offer cash transfers or money transfers for amounts under $1,000.