First Direct Money Transfer Rate

First Direct
FCA Regualted: Not FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 4%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.103
Exchange Rate You Get: 110,296

First Direct Money Transfer Rate

First Direct Transfer rates?
If you need to transfer money abroad, you should find the best transfer rate that you can save maximum out of it. Foreign exchange companies provide the best service when it comes to transferring money abroad. First direct money transfer service is a quick, easy and secure way to transfer money abroad. It is a convenient service and you can set future recurring payments.

FirstDirect Purchase fees?
First direct money transfer incurs payments immediately after ordering the currencies and they are displayed to you, according to the transfer rates available.

How much to order online?
The maximum rate to send using first direct is $50000 or equivalent currency. Usually ordering online is free. There is no minimum amount of transfer using the first direction.

First Direct Money Transfer Rate

Why buy currency from First Direct?
Buying currency is not a complicated process. You just have to contact your currency brokers and they will get you the best currency deal because they are experts in the field. Banks will not listen to your requirements, they will just continue with the current transfer rate, there is no room for negotiations.

RRing-fenced clients account?
Ring-fenced account enables you to separate your assets on the offshores. This lowers your tax liability hence getting a better deal when sending money abroad. We use ring sensed account to ensure losses in one part does not affect losses on the other part. It actually lowers your tax liability.

FirstDirect Conclusion?
Transferring money using first direct is simple and secure. It is relatively fast and it is recommended for sending large amounts of money. Send money now abroad using first direct and it will guarantee you maximum security. It is compatible to transfer large amounts of money.

First Direct can offer you several convenient ways to send or receive money worldwide. An additional advantage offered by FirstDirect Account is that customers can use their First Direct debit cards while withdrawing nearly GBP500 per day excluding the ATM charges from nearly 55,000 LINK - HSBC cash machines of UK.

First Direct International money transfers, When you make a CHAPS or International payment from your account you will need to visit a First Direct branch. Ensure you take your First Direct Visa Debit card / First Direct Electron card or FirstDirect Passbook and proof of your Ids such as a valid Passport or Driving License.

First Direct Money Transfers

You can quickly transfer money between your First Direct International Money Transfer accounts by selecting the ‘make payment’ link next to the account you wish to transfer from or by choosing ‘pay bill or transfer’ under ‘payments & transfers’ on the left-hand menu on their website.

Select the account you would like to move money from. If you want to pay an existing bill, someone you’ve paid before or transfer money between one of your first direct accounts, select option one. To proceed to the next step, select ‘go’.
Check the details displayed in the ‘from’ field to make sure you are moving money from the correct account. In the ‘to’ field select the destination name and enter the amount, you would like to pay.

Then select the ‘arrive by’ or ‘leave on’ option. Finally choose a date, either from the calendar or by typing one in. Select proceed.
You will be presented with a preview screen so you can check the details are correct. There are 2 options, ‘cancel’ and ‘confirm’. Select ‘confirm’ to proceed.
After confirming your payment you have the option ‘make another payment’ or ‘view my accounts’.

Open a First Direct Foreign Exchange Account. You have chosen to open a FirstDirect FX Account, please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely to be approved.

How to open an account?
You need to register to first direct internet banking in order to transfer money online. Procedure for opening an account is as follows:

  • Enter your details: account details and credit card details.
  • Therefore, Create your username.
  • Hence, Setup security code.
  • So, Additional security questions.
  • Also, Proceed to sign in to your account.