Ebury Money Transfer Rate

Ebury Partners
FCA Regualted: Not FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.137
Exchange Rate You Get: 113,743

Ebury Money Transfer Rate

Introduction? Ebury partners a United Kingdom-based financial institution that caters to international small and medium enterprises. Their main business is to facilitate the transfer of funds internationally. They mainly perform services such as online funds collection from international clients on behalf of small businesses who are account holders. They also facilitate currency transactions internationally through subsidiaries as well as mitigating a company's exposure to the fluid currency market.

Ebury Partners Ring Fencing?
In order to navigate international financial pitfalls, some measures have to be put in place. One of the most used methods employed to achieve this is ring-fencing. Ring-fencing refers to the process in which financial assets of a company are separated in order to minimize exposure to international taxation rates. The accounts ring-fenced also referred to as ring-fenced clients accounts.

Ebury Partners Affordability?
The other advantage of using Ebury partners is that they provide transactions that are more affordable to small enterprises as opposed to banks who primarily deal with multi-national conglomerates. What this means is that one receives boutique services from the firm. This means that services tailored as per the client.

Ebury Partners Efficiency
The process of buying currency is generally complicated, but with Ebury partners, this made far much simpler. This so because they have a network of over one hundred and thirty countries and currencies. They also have dedicated financial managers who manage the accounts and keep you appraised every step of the way. This done through online platforms or through the telephone. There are purchasing fees chargeable to the transactions but this is very minimal. There is also one-time administration fee payable to Ebury partners upon opening an account.

Ebury Partner

Account Opening Ebury Partners?
Opening an account with Ebury partners is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is log in to their website and fill out the account opening form. You required providing your details as well as the purpose of the account. Once information verified you will receive communication that your account is active.

Ebury Partners is a specialist team of experienced Foreign Exchange Consultants, the personal touch that Ebury Partners brings to corporate foreign exchange clients is also available to private clients. That's good news for anyone interested in saving up to 4% on what a typical bank would offer when exchanging currency.

That's because up to 4% is exactly the kind of saving to expect from Ebury's efficient processes, structure and specialist market knowledge. And not only that, we charge no commission or transfer fees*.

What's more, your Personal Foreign Exchange Consultant will work with you to help you take advantage of market movements, and reserve money at a fixed exchange rate to purchase later so you have the peace of mind that the cost of your transaction will not increase if the rate changes. You will also benefit from the same level of safety and security that our corporate clients benefit from - so you can rest assured your money safe with Ebury. Ebury Partners help you in every Foreign Exchange situation.

  1. Save Money - Many individuals and businesses still use their bank for foreign exchange transactions, resulting in poor exchange rates, a lack of personal service, and a "one size fits all" approach. Due to our established relationships in the "inter-bank" foreign exchange market, Ebury Partners able to offer wholesale rates of exchange on transactions over £5,000. The average saving made by clients on a transaction of £100,000 is 1.9%, or £1,900.

Ebury Partners Limited

  1. Security of Funds - Ebury Partners money transfers are regulated by HM Revenue & Customs (no: 12570621). All client funds held in client segregated accounts with our banking partner.

  2. No Commission and No Fee's

  3. Fast International Transfers - Ebury Partners will send your currency to its destination free of charge, by TT / CHAPS. We can pay your solicitor, vendor, notary or supplier direct, saving you time and money. Our same day international payments are fast, reliable and free*. Ebury Partners also provide you with an internationally recognised payment confirmation as soon as your currency sent.

  4. Free Account Opening Facilities - Opening an account free of charge, there no obligation to trade, and you not charged any administration charges for maintaining your account.

  5. No Obligation Quotations - You can get instant dealing quotes from your account manager by telephone or email. The bank will often refuse to give a live quote, or will not inform you of your currency rate until later. Even worse, they may offer you the "tourist" rate of exchange, whereas, on a large transaction. You should be offered a far better quote. Ebury Partners provide live, transparent quotes based on the amount of currency you are sending, so you truly know where you stand, and can budget accordingly.

Open an Account with Ebury Foreign Exchange. You have chosen to open an Account. Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely approved.Your personal details
Provide proof of address
Provide passport as ID
Your daytime phone number
Confirm their terms and conditions. Please note that all quotes are free with no obligation to trade.