Clear FX Money Transfer Rates

FCA Regualted: Not FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 2%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.117
Exchange Rate You Get: 111,655

Clear FX Money Transfer Rates

ClearFX? Any time you get assisted in either selling or purchasing a security, the person who assists you commonly known as the intermediary will charge you a small fee for the service. This charge is what is referred to as purchase fees.

After you pay the brokerage fees, you are not entitled to any other administrative charges. You can order for over 50,000 British pounds online.

If you are leaving the UK, you are advised to visit your bank and open an account 30 days prior to starting the transfer. You are required to provide all the relevant document to your bank including your credit history, you will be charged a small fee of 100 pounds as the processing fees. You are then advised to wait for the bank to call you. You can also fill an online form and the bank will get in touch with you within 24 hours time.

Clear FX

For the bank to allow you to open a transfer account, you should show a proof of your address and also present documents or any other relevant proof describing your credit history. You should present to the bank a valid passport or a national insurance card as well as valid travel documents.

Buying currency is not complicated. The rates at which they are sold or bought is clearly defined by the currency market and traders.

Ring-fenced clients are people who act in one way or the other in order to protect some assets from being affected by certain obligations or assets during the transfer.

You are required to buy a currency when you are in another country because the UK currency is not accepted in most of the other countries.
No, there is no maximum amount of money you can transfer in the marketplace. You have no reason to worry at all. In the transfer market, your money is 100% safe.

With ClearFX it's simple and secure to transfer money online, But not only that, they also offer you the best rate guarantee and charge no fees.

Working overseas and sending money home, emigrating and moving your savings, paying off a foreign loan with regular instalments or making a purchase overseas - no matter what your needs in foreign currency transfer, ClearFX makes it easy for you.

Clear FX Money Transfer Rates

With forward contracts, live interbank rates and 0% commission, combined with the best rate guarantee, ClearFX is a great choice for sending money overseas.

ClearFX Money Transfer Rates

Open a ClearFX Account where you have chosen to open a ClearFX account. Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely to be approved. and Please ensure that your personal details include

  • Proof of address,
  • Provide passport as ID
  • Your daytime phone number
  • Confirm and read their terms and conditions and see a full list of their terms and conditions.
  • Please note that all quotes are free with no obligation to trade.
  • These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for ClearFX.
  • A money transfer can only be completed once an account is opened.