Aston Currency Management Money Transfer Rate

Aston Currency Management
FCA Regualted: Not FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.9%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.139
Exchange Rate You Get: 113,858

Aston Currency Management Money Transfer Rate

Aston currency management is a treasury and corporate solutions company that buy and sell different currencies at set margins. They offer a wide range of treasury products including spot transactions, forward contracts. Market order, stop loss and OCO (one cancels the other).

AstonCurrencyManagement OCO products allow the client to set their best and worst case scenarios and take action on whichever case happens first. The stop loss product allows clients to put a floor on the level of losses they can withstand. While the market order product allows clients to set their desired rate to meet their needs. The forward contract allows clients to fix a rate on the present day and use that rate at a future date. While the spot contract product allows the exchange trade to be concluded immediately or within two days.

Opening an account with the company Aston Currency Management is an easy process that involves filling out an online form in less than five minutes. And resubmitting the form together with required relevant documents. There are no administration fees or purchasing fees involved in this process. And account holder receives frequent updates on currency movements to help them make informed decisions.

Aston Currency Management

The process of buying and selling currency is simple with Aston Currency Management as the client just needs to call their dealer. With the service they need and the dealer gives the best quotes. Which is 4% better than the bank rates. In the case of a forward contract. The client will sign the agreement and the dealer processes everything else. Spot transactions are executed immediately and clients access their money on the spot while all the other contracts are honoured at the expiry of the contract. The company does not have a limit on a number of funds that can be transacted but large volumes always attracted the best rates.

The company Aston Currency Management a licensed and regulated money handler and as such, safety guaranteed. Some institutions may have ring-fenced client accounts which are basically accounts that have been segregated from normal accounts and the main reason why companies do so is to eliminate them from the calculation of their total net worth so as to make some tax savings.

If you're looking to buy some currency that is a little more specialised or need to send money to a country with a lesser-traded currency then Aston Currency Management is the solution. As well as having the ability to trade all the usual suspects (GBP, EUR, USD etc.) Aston can also trade around 130 'exotic' currencies including; UAE Dirham, Hungarian Forint, Estonian Kroon, Swiss franc to name a few.

Aston Currency Services

Aston Currency Management prides themselves on providing a dependable and expert solution to both private and corporate clients who are looking to transfer funds internationally. Ring-fenced segregated client accounts held with Tier 1 banking institutions guarantee 100% security of funds. To give you peace of mind as security paramount to Aston who also FCA regulated and registered with HMRC anti-money laundering.

Aston Currency Management Money Transfer Rate?
Aston offers a variety of contracts to tailor different needs including;
-Spot Contracts.
-Take Profit Order.
-Stop Loss.
-One Cancels Other.
-Forward Contacts.

Aston Currency Management Money Transfer Rates
Opening a Foreign Exchange Account with Aston Currency Management. You have chosen to open an Aston Currency Management trading account. Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely approved.

Your personal details, proof of address. phone number and email. Provide passport as ID and confirm their terms and conditions.
Please note that all quotes are free with no obligation to trade. These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for Aston Foreign Exchange.
A money transfer only completed once an account opened. Please note that any currency exchanges under £3000 may incur a transfer fee.