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Travelex Prepaid Card Review

options instead of using a bank

Travelex Prepaid Card Review

The Travelex Travel Money card is a pay as you go currency card. The Travelex Travel Money card has no transaction charges and is ideal to use on the internet if you are paying in the currency available on the card as well as getting a good currency exchange rate and as an alternative to using travel money or travellers cheques. The Travelex Prepaid card is free if you preload with currency.

Travelex Credit Cards

The Travelex travel money card has no monthly payment fees, No transaction charges plus you can get access to the best currency exchange rates when you open a Travelex account.

2 - Better currency exchange rates than at airports

3 - Ideal for buying goods online in foreign currency

Travelex Prepaid Card Reviews

Travelex Card Fees & Charges

  • Application fee - Free when you preload with currency
  • Monthly cost - Free
  • Transaction charge abroad Free
  • ATM card fees - UK Free - International Free
  • Top up card fees - Free Top up options

Travelex Pre Paid Card Review

Benefits - Ideal as an alternative or an addition to buying travel money, offers an alternative to carrying travellers cheques with no passport required to withdraw money.

Type of travel money card - The Travelex currency card is a pay as you go currency card, Visa branded. This is a prepayment money card where you preload your money on to the prepaid Visa card first.

So, what are travel money cards?

A travel money card looks and works like a credit card or debit card. With a currency card you don't have to pay interest or penalty fees. Here's more on what makes currency cards special:

Review Travelex Prepaid Card
100% instant approval no bank account needed, no credit checks or application hassles.
Everyone benefits from better exchange rates than travellers cheques and at airports plus an alternative to carrying travel money abroad.
Lots of uses from shopping online and booking tickets to making withdrawals and paying in the same currency.
Great for personal and business users.
Review Travelex Prepaid Cards
Enhanced security with Chip & PIN technology, fraud protection and no link to your bank account

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