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Payzone Prepaid Card review

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Payzone Prepaid Card Review

The Payzone prepaid MasterCard is a pay as you go card. The Payzone card has no transaction charges and is ideal to use on the internet as well as booking flights with Ryanair as by using a Payzone prepaid MasterCard it is free.

Payzone Credit Cards
The Payzone Card has no monthly payment fees and no transaction charges plus you can earn cashback and as a Prepaid MasterCard card - It can be used at over 28 million locations worldwide also with over 1.5 million ATM in over 210 countries where ever you see the MasterCard - Maestro or Cirrus acceptance sign.

Payzone Prepaid Card Reviews

2 - No transaction charges

3 - Can be topped up at any Payzone retail outlet.

Freedom Card Fees & Charges

  • Application fee - £5.00
  • Monthly cost - Free
  • Transaction charge 2.75%
  • ATM card fees - UK 1.5% - International 2.75%

Top up card fees - £0.00 to £100 Payzone topup £3.95 and £101 to £350 Payzone topup £6.95

Payzone Pre Paid Card Review

Benefits - Ideal to use to pay on the internet, everyday use and book Ryanair flights for free when using a Prepaid MasterCard. It can work out expensive if you top up your card on a regular basis.

Type of prepaid card - The Payzone card is a pay as you go payment card, MasterCard branded. This is a prepayment card where you preload your money on to the prepaid MasterCard first.

So, what is a prepaid credit cards?
A prepaid card looks and works like a credit card or debit card. With a prepaid card you don't have to pay interest or penalty fees. Here's more on what makes prepaid cards special:

Review Payzone Prepaid Card
100% instant approval – no bank account needed, no credit checks or application hassles.
Everyone benefits –  from Cashback, to travellers, new arrivals in the UK and the debt wary.
Lots of uses – from shopping online and booking tickets to making withdrawals and paying in wages.
Great for personal and business users.
Review Payzone Prepaid Cards
Enhanced security –  with Chip & PIN technology, fraud protection and no link to your bank account

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