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Card One Banking Instant Banking Account

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Basic bank accounts with debit cards
With so many Instant bank accounts and saving accounts on offer today which bank is the best choice? And more importantly is your money going to be safe, with so many banks struggling over the credit crunch how sure are you about leaving your money in a high street bank. Now there are some alternatives to putting your money in a high street bank account One banking is an online bank account facility with no credit checks and guaranteed acceptance, you can hold as much as 25,000 into your account at any one time


Deciding on what bank account to get
Wading through the vast amount of basic accounts on offer today can seem frightening to those who are not experienced with finances, budgeting or investing. But remember that no matter what kind of bank account or savings account is ultimately select, the purpose is the same: saving money and having access to your funds as and when you need them so be sure to read the banks terms and conditions as you could have a limit to how much you are allowed to withdraw on a daily basis. Also if you plan to save for a rainy day or for your next holiday, put your money into a savings account as you will get better interest than in an instant bank account or current account.

Remember to take the time to talk through all of the small print on the accounts. Any reputable bank representative should have no problem doing this.

The One banking account is open to everyone and it's quick and easy to apply. If you're like so many people and find yourself constantly going overdrawn, then we can help.

One banking is a secure online facility that's hassle free. You won't be charged bounced payment fees or incur any overdraft fees.

Card One Banking

They give you peace of mind that all your regular outgoings are taken care of by an account manager.
By opening a guaranteed debit cards account you can benefit from great interest rates plus get additional benefits such as free online banking, instant access to your current accounts, even discounts or free offers such as free travel insurance or free payment protection whenever you use your debit card attached to your basic bank accounts. Compare U.K cheapest bank accounts

With so many basic bank accounts to choose from. Who do you choose, Compare free basic current accounts and see which account is offering the best deal before you apply online for an instant account.

One Banking

Choose from free debit cards and find the best one for your circumstances, banks offer not just offering great interest rates when you open an account with them.

There are now guaranteed bank accounts where no credit checks are done. You prepay a small application fee and complete the application form as normal. This is instantly approved and you then have a guaranteed bank account.

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