White Eagle Prepaid Cards - Prepaid Cash Cards

Transaction Fees
Monthly Fees
ATM Charges
Topup Fees
Applicaton Fee
Transaction Fees: 0
Monthly Fees: 3.95
ATM Charges: 0.95
Top Up Fees: 1.00
Application Fee: 4.95

White Eagle Prepaid Cards - Prepaid Cash Cards

White Eagle Prepaid Card

Prepaid cash cards are similar to debit cards and are known as non-banking cards. Simply put, these cards are not linked to a bank account and come with fees every time you have to reload them. There are also ATM fees and several other types of fees.
Much like a gift card without the restrictions of store specific cards, these cards can really help a person that would otherwise be unable to do something as simple as booking a hotel room

One good reason to use prepaid cash cards is to replace the conventional credit card. Avoiding all the nasty pitfalls of unsecured credit and spiraling into the financial abyss. I've known a few small business owners who struggled to get enough credit to help them grow their businesses.

White Eagle Prepaid Cards

But being strictly cash made it very difficult to do things like rent a car on a business trip. They finally decided to try a prepaid cash card which helped eliminate that issue while saving the business from extra fees and interest they would have paid with a conventional card. Yes, there were a few other small fees involved, but when you add up the savings on interest alone, they were still able to save money.

This type of non-credit spending can be of great budgeting assistance as well. Just like using a conventional credit card, you can get a statement that can help with itemized spending. You never have to worry about over limit spending fees and since the card is prepaid, you know the money is already there to pay for your purchases. No worries or concerns with the end of the month payments and no hassles.

White Eagle Prepaid Cards

The White Eagle card is a prepayment card. The White Eagle card has a low monthly charge and is ideal to manage your money as well as share money with family abroad as by using a White Eagle prepaid card it is free to do a money transfer abroad by just giving a family member an additional card then its free. The White Eagle Card has a set monthly payment fee, with no transaction charges plus you can earn pay your wages directly on to your White Eagle account.

White Eagle Card Fees & Charges

Application fee - £4.95
Monthly cost - £3.95
Transaction charge Free
ATM card fees - UK £0.95 - International 1.5%
Top up card fees - Free Top up options

Benefits - Ideal to use to pay on the internet, everyday use and alternative to a bank account where wages are paid direct on to your Prepaid Maestro.

Type of prepaid card - The White Eagle card is a pay as you go payment card, Maestro branded. This is a prepayment card where you preload your money on to the prepaid Maestro card first.

So, what is a prepaid credit cards?

A prepaid card looks and works like a credit card or debit card. With a prepaid card you don't have to pay interest or penalty fees. Here's more on what makes prepaid cards special:

Share money with friends and family
100% guaranteed acceptance.
100% instant approval – no bank account needed, no credit checks or application hassles
Everyone benefits – from Cashback, to travellers, new arrivals in the UK and the debt wary
Lots of uses – from shopping online and booking tickets to making withdrawals and paying in wages.
Great for personal and business users
Enhanced security – with Chip & PIN technology, fraud protection and no link to your bank account

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White Eagle Prepaid Card

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White Eagle Prepaid Card