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Free Weswap Travel Card with Mobile App

Free WeSwap card

What is WeSwap?
WeSwap is a United Kingdom-based prepaid MasterCard which as the name suggests, allows one to swap currencies with other users of the card. It is still in its initial stages therefore, the currencies accepted are not that many.
WeSwap is a "social Currency" network of users. WeSwap card links travellers traveling in opposite directions and allows them to swap currencies.

How does WeSwap work?

WeSwap is a prepaid card which can be used like a credit card. Provided you reside in countries where WeSwap card is accepted and you are over 18 years, you can sign up for the card.

Sign up is done online where you create your WeSwap account. You deposit funds via bank transfer and you get a WeSwap card linked to your account.

The basic working principle of WeSwap is load funds, swap then spend. After loading your account, the system matches you to another user of WeSwap card who would wish to change their currencies opposite to yours. In the event that there is no one moving the opposite direction to you, you get funds deposited to your account at a charge of 2%.

With WeSwap card, you can hold or exchange your account balances into; Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Polish Zloty, Swiss Franc, US Dollar, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Kronor, Danish Kroner, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Japanese Yen, South African Rand, Turkish Lira, Israeli Shekel.
There is a WeSwap app in which you can use to access your account anywhere using hotel Wi-Fi or hotspots to monitor your account or check bank balances.

Free Weswap Travel Card

Where can I use my WeSwap card?

WeSwap card, just like a credit card, can be used to pay in shops, restaurants and in withdrawing cash from ATM machines. It can be used for online purchases in websites that accept MasterCard payments as well.

However, there are some destinations in which WeSwap providers do not recommend using your card. Using WeSwap card as security deposits in; car rentals, cruises, hotels, making payments in automatic petrol stations, payment over the phone, and toll booths is not advisable. This may cause delays and unlike credit cards where you use your credit limit, a WeSwap prepaid card is preloaded with funds and thus you are restricted to use the funds only available in your account. However, you can use WeSwap to settle your bills later.

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