Virgin Prepaid Card Fees & Charges

Transaction Fees
Monthly Fees
ATM Charges
Topup Fees
Applicaton Fee
Transaction Fees: 0
Monthly Fees: 4.95
ATM Charges: 1.50
Top Up Fees: 0
Application Fee: 9.95

Virgin Prepaid Card Fees & Charges

Virgin Prepaid Card

Q. How does it work?
Ans. This is a pay as you go payment services where you preload your money and then use it for shopping or cash withdrawals.

Q. Do you check the credit history of a personal account?
Ans.We don't check the credit's history of a person.

Q.How to apply for the services? Ans. You can apply for the services by filling the application form online easily.
Q. Do you allow the salary or wages into an account directly?
Ans. You can get your wages into your account directly.

Q. How can I withdraw my cash?
Ans. Cash withdrawal can be done from bank counters or you can also look for a cash back.

Virgin Money Prepaid Card

Q. What is the cost of a prepaid bank account?
Ans. Virgin Money Prepaid Card Fees & Charges Application fee- £9.95

  • Monthly cost - Free
  • Transaction charge 2.95%
  • ATM card fees - UK 2.95% 
  • International 3.5%

Q. Are there any means to check my balance?
Ans. Balance could be checked online or you can request for a paper statement.

Q.Does employment affect the application?
Ans. You just need to be a citizen of US to apply.

Q. Is online account management also provided?
Ans. Online account management will be provided as soon as you apply for the services.

Q. Is there any interest linked to the card?
Ans. There is no interest linked to the card.

Q.Do you allow direct debits?
Ans. Yes, Direct debits are allowed.

Q. How does payment proceed?
Ans. You can use the virgin prepaid card similar to the debit/credit cards. It is no different.

Virgin Prepaid Cards

Q. What is the security provided to the money?
Ans. Your money is safe as we have enhanced security with help of Chip and PIN technology and no link to your bank account.

Q.How is cash deposited?
Ans. Cash could be deposited with your Debit card and then you can transfer it to the prepayment card.

Q. Do you have a Swift or BIC number for the prepaid card?
Ans. We do not have a Swift or BIC number for the Virgin Prepaid Card.

Virgin Prepaid Credit Card Information

The Virgin prepaid card looks just like the Virgin credit card but is a prepayment card that is loaded with money by you or someone else. The Virgin prepaid card looks just like any normal credit or debit card, with a card number, chip and signature strip. But prepaid cards are unlike credit cards, which provide you with a line of credit.
A Virgin Prepaid Card is ideal if you don't want a credit card, or can't get one because you don't have a bank account or your credit rating isn't strong enough.

Spend on it just like you would a credit card and use it wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. The difference is you load it up with your money before you shop instead of paying off your balance later, so you won't spend more than you can afford. You can choose from a Virgin 'Pay monthly' or 'Pay as you go' tariffs. So whether you plan to use your card a little or a lot, there's an option to suit you.
The card is also available in pink!

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Virgin Prepaid Card

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Virgin Prepaid Card