FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card Reviews - Free PAYG Currency Card

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FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card Reviews - Free PAYG Currency Card

FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card

As a long standing member of the community, the Newcastle Building Society is currently the largest financial establishment in the United Kingdom. Since1861 they have been serving their community, providing several domestic consumer financial products. UK Credit Cards are a large component of their business. The FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card is issued by Newcastle Building Society and well known as FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card.<

FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card is another attractive card for travellers is the Fairfax dollar card. This prepaid money fairfx dollar cardlets you use your money anywhere in the world while avoiding foreign exchange fees and credit card interest. Since there are no monthly or annual fees either, this is truly a card worth keeping in your wallet or purse FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card.

FairFX Prepaid Dollar Cards

It is very easy to load through bank transfer or with your bank's debit card, which is both free. Standard buys are for nothing out of pocket as well, however ATM money withdrawals bring about a little expense that is comparable to only a couple US dollars. To use the FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card, UK proprietors must make an ostensible least initial deposit.<

FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card
FairFX Dollar currency card is now free on Compare Money Transfer; all you need to do is preload your card with currency from as low as $20. Not only does FairFX offer a excellent currency exchange rates on travel money but it is also cheaper to use when abroad.

Average credit card transaction charge 2.75%
Average debit card transaction charge 2.75%
Using a FairFX Dollar card is FREE

The FairFX Dollar currency card gives you a better exchange rate than all leading high street banks with no hidden fees or charges. Your travel money card is a prepaid MasterCard that can be used worldwide and ensures you get more for your money. FairFX dollar card offers a better foreign exchange rate than other prepaid card providers as they provide an online service and transfer hundreds of thousands per day and passing all the savings on to you.

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Apply for FairFX Dollar Card
You have chosen to apply for a FairFX Dollar Card, please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely to be approved.

  1. Please Ensure That:
    You are at least 18 Years of Age.
    You are a permanent resident of the UK.
    A digital passport as ID.
    Your daytime phone number

  2. Proceed With Your Application
    Please note that until payment is made your account will not be opened.
    These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for FairFX Dollar Card.
    Please ensure you read their terms and conditions and see a full list of charges. The decision to accept will only be made by FairFX after they have taken your details, confirmed your ID and received payment.

Application Criteria

  • id-required
  • over-18

Loading Facilities

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  • bacs
  • bank-transfer

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FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card

Customer Services: +44 (0)20 7107 1206


FairFX Prepaid Dollar Card