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1 GBP = 1.09497 EUR

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1 EUR = 0.91284 GBP

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Opening Corporate Application - Open Business Currency Trading Account

Opening Corporate Currency Trading Account

Compare money transfer are the best choice for both large transactions and regular smaller transactions such as international payments for individuals. Whether you need to make a one-off payment immediately or require regular transfers to a bank abroad, we have the service available to meet your needs. Compare money transfer can process both outgoing and incoming funds in foreign currency with equal ease by showing you the best foreign exchange providers.

You can call your dedicated dealer to make the transaction or if you prefer you can trade online for values up to £5,000*, sending your money to the beneficiary in no more than three clicks. For transactions made online, there are no transaction fees. Those who establish a regular overseas transfer plan can sit back and simply allow their international payments for individuals to happen automatically every month.

Compare money transfer make on average 350 000 transactions a year, so we know the best routes to use for your money and Compare money transfer only recommends foreign exchange companies that operate a separate payments bank account.
Reduce your business risk with Forward Contracts when booking rates with Compare money transfer where forward contracts can help you to reduce the risks of fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets which affect any business that trades or has assets overseas. You can lock in an exchange rate for a specific amount of currency with a forward contract so that you can use it at a later date, without having to use up valuable working capital.

If you export or import or have assets or operations in another country or simply sends and receives money internationally you need to consider how you will protect yourself against changes in foreign exchange rates and other foreign exchange risks. A small variation in the rate could cost your business thousands of pounds if not managed properly.

Fixed forward contracts

You take delivery of your forward currency on a specific date in the future.

Open forward contracts

You can take delivery of all the foreign currency at once, or drawn down smaller amounts as you need them - up to the amount of the value of the contract.

forward contracts can also provide flexibility enabling you to take delivery of your purchased currency in part or in full at any time between the contract date and maturity date. All companies with foreign currency exposures need a strategy to manage the risk so use Compare money transfer

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