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When to start saving currency

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Britain's young people don't think about saving until they're 25 – and even then, a large number don’t start putting money into bank accounts in earnest until they're 40.

That's according to a new study by National Savings and Investment, which found that 25 is the average age at which people start saving for the future.

However, 22 per cent don’t start until they're 30 or older, and 13 per cent don’t get going properly until they're 40.

More alarmingly, the survey found that 15 per cent of people don’t save at all.

One set of savings accounts that had people knocking down the bank’s doors a year or so ago could be losing their appeal though.

After Northern Rock was nationalised, demand for its government-backed bank accounts went through the roof.

But now the government has announced that it's going to withdraw its protection for savers’ deposits from May the 24th.

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