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Dublin festival to be big tourist draw

Dublin festival to be big tourist draw

Thousands of tourists will soon be making international money transfers as they flock to Ireland to attend the Dublin festival, according to presenter Mariella Frostrup.

Dublin festival is hopes to be the biggest ever exhibition of contemporary arts in its history and will attract significant international attention, says the broadcaster.

"Ireland has always been synonymous with the arts and artistic endeavour and Dublin as a city has always been an exciting place to see new plays," she explained.

"Dublin as a city is just steeped in cultural references, with the ghosts of great artists past, whether they are novelists, or playwrights or musicians. They haunt every single street."

Not only will visitors to the city's festival "revisit the bones" of the people who have gone before, but they can also enjoy all the new "amazing" activities.

Ms Frostrup added: "The festival already attracts a significant number of overseas visitors. This year is the first time they have actually packaged it up as the Dublin festival season, rather than a lot of disparate albeit great, separate festivals."

Many of the visitors are expected to be young people, following a recent study by the Post Office Travel Insurance group, which revealed that under-25s travel more than their predecessors.

The group's survey found that 18 to 24 year olds (Generation Y) have done much more travelling than their parents did at a comparable age.

Nearly 80 per cent of those in Generation Y have been abroad four or more times before the age of 16.

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