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Warning to intended users: Having just had both my chdelrin OS using different travel cards An 18yo in Japan (CBA Travelcard) and the other 17yo on a school trip in Europe (Travelex Cashpass), I thought it important to review the operating methods of each.Travel Cash Cards are a great idea, if you do your research the ATM Fees etc are up to a third of the cost of using your normal ATM or credit card, especially if you load the card with the local currency of the country you are visiting. As a parent knowing you can load more cash or follow the expenditure of your chdelrin while OS is important. Especially if there's an emergency. The CB Travelcard, while it charged up to $6 per ATM withdrawal was by far the easiest to recharge and check online. We never had an issue with any transaction or getting online, which we did several times a week. Also, when we loaded the card with more cash via Bpay it showed up in less than 24hours.The Travelex Cashpassport on the other hand was diabolical! After setting up the online access the card became locked, even customer service, which is situated in the UK, didn't understand why. Then, when ever we tried to log online to review our daughters balance it would take up to 3 attempts. Often the browser would time out or say the URL was not found. This would happen on different browsers and different computers. We had to call customer service almost every time we tried to check it, but they didn't give a rats about our problem they live in the UK we live in the colonies!Then when we loaded more money onto the Travelex card it took for ever to show up almost 4 days. Crazy. So regardless of charges I would say to any potential traveller stay away from Travelex. Use a card from an Australian bank. You have better service and more recourse. Travelex Excommunicated as far as I'm concerned.

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