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1 GBP = 1.13901 EUR

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1 EUR = 0.87801 GBP

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Got this card through the buindilg society , don't do it. Wanted to book flights accomodation for the USA before we left so loaded up the card and it was fine before we left. When we got to the states we also had no problem except that you have to know a week before you run out of money that you need it as it took 6 days for the money to be loaded onto our card and my daughter took 8 days for her card. Not to mention my brother whose entire money got cleared by mistake and he had to use his credit cards until he got back to aus to have it sorted out as they didn't think taking $9000 dollars was urgent. My card was constantly wrong re balances and when I got back to Australia on feb 16 th I started chasing up the $1042.76 that showed as pending when it should have been zero. To this dated despite a multitude of calls and my bank also stepping in they still have my money. Today I received a call to say that they will look at my case on April 16 th. can you believe this, the funniest email I got was last week when they sent an email from customer service to say that they heard I was unhappy but not to worry a customer service person would contact me within 20 Business Days That is how they work everything is 20 business days. I have been hassling for two months now and they have finally admitted it is my money. I can't have it mind you but it is mine.will never use them again.!!!!

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