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Travel Money Cards Review

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Travel Money Cards Review

Travel money cards are taking the market by storm in the UK

Prepaid Financial Services has just launched a new rand currency card to go with their range of travel money cards on offer, they PFS already have a dollar currency card and a euro currency card that might prove useful for people travelling overseas or using as an addition when going on holiday abroad.

The pre-pay Travel Money Card is free with no application fee, Where you just preload with the currency of your choice one of the main benefit for getting a currency card is that you get a better rate of exchange compared to travel money providers who often offer a currency rate that is marked up

Getting a travel money card is an alternative way to keeping your money safe when you are on holiday abroad, it is advised to get an additional currency card of the same denomination and not-activated where you keep this in the hotel safe just in case you lose your card or it gets stolen. This way you can ring Prepaid Financial Services and cancel your lost card there they can transfer your existing balance to your new travel money card once activated for free

With a Prepaid Travel Card you can top up from as little as £10 to £5000 depending on the card provider where currency is automatically converted in to the card denomination of your choice.

Travel Money Cards are ideal for people who frequently travel abroad and offer an addition or alternative to using Travellers Cheques or for carrying large amounts of local currency creating a more secure environment for spending your money abroad.

PFS Travel Money Prepaid Cards are issued by a bank, in association with MasterCard. The cards are accepted globally for merchant and Internet purchases or cash withdrawals from ATMs. Plus should also minimise the risk of theft, as all cards are unique with chin and PIN technology plus all are personalised with the consumers name, number and signature.

The travel money card is the latest technology in how we carry foreign currency, it offers a safer option to carrying cash and more flexible than travellers' cheques as you don't need a passport to withdraw your money. Plus it helps consumers budget for the spending on a trip abroad allowing them to to see the balance by SMS in the chosen currency making it easy to calculate what you have left. If you run low on funds abroad you can easily top up your card online, over the phone or by SMS.

"The added security features give card holders the peace of mind that their money is protected and with its MasterCard status it is accepted across the globe."

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