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Tourist board touts Namibia

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Tourist board touts Namibia

Globetrotters may soon be making foreign money transfers ahead of a visit to Namibia, after the local Tourism Board described it as ideal for "barefoot luxury".

Rhys Powell, sales and marketing manager with Namibia Tourism Board, said that the country is a top luxury destinations.

"It is very good for luxury, although in Namibia [some people] call it 'barefoot luxury' because instead of being a generic hotel - with spa treatments and looking like it could be anywhere in the world - they make sure that all their high-end properties merge in very well to the surrounding areas and are very eco-friendly," he commented.

The region offers high-end services with high quality rooms, however, it maintains an authentic African feel.

"Most people [when they] think of Africa think of safaris and you can do a safari in Namibia," he remarked.

"In fact, some of the guides for Africa say it's one of the best safaris they've ever seen."

Etosha National Park is listed as the main safari park visitors go to see the wildlife, which includes the "big five", elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards and rhinos, as well as other animals such as cheetahs, giraffes and hippos.

"There is no poaching that takes place in Namibia either, which at the moment is big news in Africa," he continued.

"People if they want to, can actually stay in the wildlife sanctuaries, so they can volunteer and stay there tracking the animals and releasing them into the wild."

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