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TorFX Review large money transfer payments to Spain

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TorFX Review

Leaders in Foreign Exchange "Our company's mission is to provide outstanding exchange rates, expert guidance and a simple, friendly service that people will want to recommend to others." TorFX is one of the UK's leading currency brokers, providing individuals and companies with money-saving foreign exchange services. Our success to date has been driven by an unwavering commitment to customer service, and our desire to exceed our clients' expectations. Strong growth in transaction volumes has been underpinned by investment in people and technology. Customers of TorFX benefit from dealing with a company that applies the highest standards of compliance, has a strong balance sheet and credit rating and operates segregated client accounts with Barclays Bank Plc.

TorFX currency broker reviewed

TorFX is one of the leading currency brokers on the market. The broker has been in operation for over ten years. If you are looking for a currency broker the best exchange rates do not go beyond TorFX. The main goal of the broker is connecting clients from different parts of the world with competitive exchange rates. TorFX has stood the test of time because of fast, free and secure transfers. It does not make sense to waste time elsewhere when TorFX is here for your sake. You can take advantage of the broker’s services to mint millions in months. The broker provides an individual approach to the management of accounts to increase your gains.

What services do they offer?

TorFX aims at offering investors with outstanding exchange rates. Before entering the currency market, you need to understand different issues. One of the most important aspects is how to determine the best exchange rates. Our team is out to ensure that you get nothing but the best rates you are not likely to find elsewhere in the country. Besides amazing exchange rates, the service provider also offers expert guidance to individuals who want to thrive in the currency market. The advice you are going to get from the expert will enable to do better than other traders who are struggling to increase their gains. Furthermore, the team of experts is not only friendly but also professional. The experts will guide you on how you can grow your money and maintain high levels of profit once you decide to jump unto the bandwagon.

Why use TorFX and not your high street bank?
No transfer fee for international transfers unlike high streets banks, TorFX offers transfers without fees. Traders can capitalize on the free transfers to conduct trade at a lower cost. The broker has no hidden charges on its transaction. In simple terms what you are going to see is exactly what you will get.

TorFX Better exchange rates;
TorFX offers clients with better exchange rates compared to banks. The attractive exchange rates make its services worth considering. You can compare the exchange rates offered by TorFX with normal banks and see the difference.

Personalized services;
TorFX offers clients with personalized services. This means that the services are tailored according to your needs. The broker works around the clock to ensure that clients get satisfactory services.

TorFX Instant quote;
There are no long queues or procedures to follow in order to get a quote. TorFX provides clients with instant quotes without an obligation to proceed.

TorFX Expert advice;
TorFX boasts of a team of dedicated and well-trained expert who will guide you on matters of currency trading. The dedication of the team is another aspect that had made many investors keep seeking its service over years.

How do you open a TorFX account?
Opening an account is as easy as taking an evening walk in the park. Joining the currency broker is free. In addition, there is no obligation to trade. You will only take a few minutes of your time to create an account. Clients can visit the official site to create accounts with ease.

TorFX Currency Exchange Limited Key Facts

  1. In 2007 TorFX transacted over $500 million in foreign currency.
  2. Hundreds of UK companies use TorFX for currency transactions and advice.
  3. Member of the Association of International Property Professionals.
  4. Regulated by HM Revenue & Customs.
  5. Segregated client accounts held with Barclays Bank Plc.

Company Registered Name: TorFX Currency Exchange Limited. Registered in England & Wales, Number: 5193147.
HM Revenue & Customs, Number: 12191606.

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