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TorFX making large money transfers to Spain

TorFX Money Transfer Company

TorFX is known for their ability to help their customers get the best exchange rates possible in the market. They are one of the leading foreign exchange brokers in the UK. They offer their currency exchange services to individuals as well as for companies that like to make profitable foreign transfers. Making international payments always turn out to be expensive and many a times people lose a lot of money in the form of poor foreign exchange rates, very high commission charges, hidden fees and more. Customers that approach TorFX end up happy customers because they offer highly satisfactory services to their customers. They help their customers make easy international payments, best foreign exchange rates and wonderful currency exchange service.

TorFX has been in this industry for many years and they have one of the highest money transfer volumes each year for 2008 TorFX transacted over £300,000,000 in foreign exchange. This is a clear indication of the number of customers that turn confidently to TorFX for their currency exchange needs. TorFX attract both private clients as well as corporate clients. All the customers get equal attention and this is possible because TorFX has a large team of foreign exchange experts and each customer will get an account manager. With this load sharing system, TorFX foreign exchange experts are able to handle their customers’ concerns in the most prompt way.

TorFX has been one of the most successful foreign exchange service providers and their success is attributed to their commitment to customer satisfaction. They just do not stop with meeting their customers’ demands but they strive to excel all their customers’ expectations. TorFX operates with Barclays Bank Plc for all their client operations. Not only individuals but hundreds of companies in the UK make use of TorFX for their currency transaction needs and guidance. TorFX is a registered member of the Association of International Property Professionals and they are regulated by HM Revenue and Customs. So customers can confidently entrust this company with their money. Added to that TorFX has been ranked number 2 by the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list as one of the fastest growing independent companies in the UK.

Their vast experience in dealing with the wide range of companies offers them unique advantage and they are capable of handling any amount of currency transfers without any confusion. Using TorFX is one of the most hassle free ways of handling one’s foreign currency. This company will do everything that is required to get the best solutions to their customers. TorFX brings to their customers their vast experience that is blended with 100% dedication to help their customers. These are certainly the most needed qualities for a foreign exchange money transfer company.

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