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Top 3 internet property destinations

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Top three internet property searches

The USA, Spain and Thailand are the most searched for destinations when it comes to online property queries, according to a new report by an online resource.’s Top of the Props report compiles data on global internet searches for property sales, and the most recent set of figures sees Thailand become the third most popular property destination in the world, after the USA and Spain.

US property accounted for just under 1 in 5 searches, whilst Spain saw a slight fall to record just over one in ten of the total. Thailand leapt up 14 places to the number three slot, with 6.78% of all enquiries and marking its highest ever ranking in the poll.

Thailand entered’s top 10 for the first time earlier in the year and much of the new appeal is driven by demand for property in Pattaya.

Managing Director of Rightmove Pattaya,Craig Turner, said: “Pattaya is not for everyone and a bit like Marmite you tend to either love it or hate it, however you cannot ignore it.

“It has established itself as the single largest tourist destination in Thailand and is developing itself into being the second largest business region in the Kingdom after Bangkok.”

The facilities in the area are constantly improving too, according to Mr Turner.

“Already, International hotel chains are established, there are excellent private healthcare providers, a wide variety of International up market restaurants, numerous retail shopping outlets and a lively and thriving economy catering to all the needs of the visitors to the City,” he said.

The new infrastructure plans for the country include a High Speed Rail link between Bangkok and Pattaya. When the project is completed in a few years’ time, journey times between Pattaya and Bangkok will be only 35 minutes in duration and are sure to have even more effect on the popularity of the area.

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