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Bangkok market highlights serviced offices

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Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and as such is one of the centres of the emerging ‘Asian Tiger’ economies that have been creating a huge impact on the world financial scene over the past few years.

Its influence financially, culturally, and historically is equal to any major city in the region and with more than 14 million inhabitants in the centre and surrounding areas it is truly a city that stands high in the global rankings.

Many international corporations have been locating regional headquarters in the city for years, stretching back to the 1980s and 1990s Asian investment boom. Mastercard rank it behind only London and Paris in its list of Global Destination Cities.

The commercial sector of Bangkok’s property market has long been one that carries a great deal of significance for the country as a whole. The city is responsible for generating a third of Thailand’s entire GDP and when the activities in the surrounding areas are factored in this rises to just under a half.

In terms of regional status, only Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul can compare in importance. So it is no surprise that serviced office rentals are big business in Bangkok, and high quality units can command premium prices.

Renting a serviced office in an area such as Silom means that your business is at the heart of where the action is, with a unique blend of culture, commerce and people only moments away in Patpong. It isn’t all about tourism though, as mixed use units offer high quality residential accommodation for employees too.

Retail and commercial go hand in hand with manufacturing in the commercial property sector in Bangkok, but the popularity means that expat workers create a high demand for residential rental too.

Anyone looking to send money from UK to Thailand might want to review their options and find the best way to send money abroad. This is usually via a currency exchange specialist, which can offer access to far better exchange rates than those available through the banks.

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