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Top 10 Currency Company Moneycorp for sale

Foreign currency provider Moneycorp has been up for sale since 2011 and its still not sold,

In December 2006 the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Special Opportunities Fund became a significant shareholder in TTT Moneycorp Limited as it purchased a stake from the Shlewet Family Trust, the company's former owners . Where on 1st November 2011, The RBS Special Opportunities Fund became the sole institutional investor in the Group, with a total shareholding of 99.9%.

Although Moneycorp is valued at hundreds of millions of pounds due to their large retail operation of over 80 retail outlets in airports and other travel locations.

Moneycorp is still a large and growing foreign exchange business where it started in 1999 at a shop on Oxford Street in London's West End, Now Moneycorp handles transactions worth more than £8bn annually and employs more than 500 people where the business is run by Mark Horgan a former Travelex and MasterCard executive.

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