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1 GBP = 1.14892 EUR

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1 EUR = 0.87001 GBP

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The FX Firm making large international money transfers

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Use The FX Firm as you no longer need a Bank to transfer money between the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe (Euro & Polish Zloty), Sweden and the USA. Now you can save time and money with The FX Firm cheaper fees and faster service.

2 - Free no obligation quote.

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Benefits & Charges

Using The FX Firm is a cheap and easy with our simple 4 step secure deposit service. The FX Firm allows you to send as little as GB£50, A$100, NZ$100, CA$100, €100, HK$500, SG$70 and SEK 500.

Use FX firm to send money instantly!

Are you worried about sending money overseas to your friend who is in a financial crisis? Are you trying to find the best way to send money instantly? Do not worry, just relax. You will find a plethora of options to transfer money instantly wherever you want. If you are living in the United Kingdom and feel the necessity of instant money transfer overseas, you can choose the online options available. Yes, it is possible to send money through the Internet. Instant transfers of funds can easily be done online.

Finding online money transfer companies to accomplish the job is a nice way. Not one or two, but numerous companies offer instant transfers services at extremely pocket friendly rates. It can be suggested that you must conduct a good research to find a reliable and trustworthy instant money transfer company to send money instantly. A little carelessness can put you in a big loss. Therefore, you need to check each and every factor of the online company to ensure the authenticity. Once you are sure that the service provider is reliable, you can fill up the ‘money transfer’ form for further process. It will not be very difficult to fill up because you will be guided by the easy instructions given on the top of the form. The desired amount will be sent to the account of the intended person within a few seconds. You can contact the recipient to make sure he has received the amount.

The common worry that every sender faces is the exorbitant money exchange rates. When people are eager to instantly send money overseas, it is obligatory to ask the service provider about currency exchange rates. To avail the best exchange rates, you can seek the help of a foreign exchange broker service.

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