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Thailand property market 'is picking up'

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Thailand property market 'is picking up'

Many parts of the world have seen political and civil disturbances in the last few years, with the Arab Spring and the protests in Greece among the most significant to have occurred.

Even the UK has not been immune from unrest among its people, with last summer's riots and violent protests by students taking place in different parts of the country.

This can have an impact on a nation's global image and reputation, which means prospective overseas property buyers could potentially be deterred from investing there.

However, some countries are apparently overcoming their recent problems. Thailand, for instance, seems to be bouncing back from its political crisis.

Paul Collins, editor at BuyAssociation, commented: "There have been some recent signs that the market is on the road to some kind of recovery.

"New projects are starting to make their way to market which should hopefully translate into increased sales figures."

Property investors who are keen to make foreign money transfers to buy a residence outside the UK might therefore want to see exactly what is on offer in the country.

Mr Collins noted that the Thai property market has been particularly hard hit by the global economic downturn, along with many other nations.

However, he pointed out the fact a recovery has started to occur means overseas property buyers do not have to pay excessive prices for real estate at the moment.

Indeed, Mr Collins said the international financial crisis means prices in Thailand are much "more realistic".

He went on to flag up Malaysia as a possible option for second home buyers to consider, as Kuala Lumpur is currently a hotspot of activity among both tourists and investors.

Increased interest in the region's property could lead to values being pushed upwards, while its appeal with holidaymakers will mean there is the possibility of collecting healthy rental yields too.

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