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Spain still favourite EU destination

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Spain still favourite EU destination

The continuing economic woes that Spain is experiencing do not seem to be having an effect on its popularity with tourists.

New statistics confirm that the country still holds top place as the most favoured holiday destination in the EU, as 13% of the total of outbound trips from European countries had Spain as their destination.

Italy and France are in second and third place. The figures don’t include tourists visiting the country from outside of the EU, making the total number of holidaymakers heading to Spain even higher.

It isn’t just the traditional image of the Brits and Germans who hold the country in high regard, with Portuguese visitors in fact making up a greater share than even the British, with a 39% and 21% market share respectively.

Surprisingly, the Germans don’t even come in third on the list of most visitors, with that honour going to French tourists, who make up 18% of the total number of holidaymakers visiting Spain each year.

The news is good for the property market, as strong tourist interest always translates into attractive rental income potential. The current depressed state of the Spanish property market means there is an even greater opportunity for investors to take advantage of historically low asking prices and get a piece of the action.

Indeed, recent figures are looking positive for the market. Over the last quarter of 2012 activity was strong, as overseas investment increased by 47% year on year. Some 13,873 Spanish properties were bought by foreigners between October and December.

The most popular investment areas are unsurprisingly many of those most favoured by tourists and those looking for a holiday home in the sun. Alicante, Malaga, the Balearic Islands, Barcelona and Madrid are all current hotspots for investor interest, but the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca continue to lead the way.

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