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Use Compare Money Transfer to Send money Abroad

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Use Compare Money Transfer to Send money Abroad

Need to send money abroad? There are thousands of people in the UK who send money to countries like Cuba, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, and Canada for business deals, purchases and also to help family or friends in these countries. You may need to send money to Cuba from UK or to any other destination, there are many ways to send money abroad but comparison sites like Compare Money Transfers can help you save money.

One of the ideal ways to send money is via money orders. You can now send money orders online when you need to send money safely and instantly. International Money Orders are a good way to transfer money to individuals or companies abroad. The limit for sum of money sent through an international money order depends on the bank or postal service from which the funds are drawn for the money order. While completing an online international money order form, you must provide the intended recipient’s name, complete address and the pin code of the country in the payee information section. Ensure that you also crosscheck everything when you fill in these details and enter the precise postal code. The next step is to provide your own details in the payer information section. Even though a receipt is provided for every money order, it is wise to keep a copy of the original form as an additional precautionary measure. Last and the most important step while sending money order abroad is to ensure that you take the unique identification number for the document. This helps to track your money order and verify its status information.

Besides money orders, there are other ways that you can use to send money from UK to Philippines or any other country. Bank wire transfers and transfer of money via net banking facility are some of them. Use Compare Money Transfers to compare the ways to send money internationally and check the best exchange rates, visit:

Compare Money Transfers deal directly with the currency markets, which means we can offer highly competitive exchange rates on all major currencies beating the bank’s rate by over 3% to 5%.

No Transfer Fees when using Compare Money Transfers - Save Hundreds of Pounds

To obtain a free quotation online, fill in the simple form to the right and a personal account manager will contact you to find out your requirements. All currency advice including the quotation is free from Compare Money Transfers.

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