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Repatriating Business funds

options instead of using a bank

Repatriating Business funds

Whether you own an investment property or assets overseas, or even a holiday home when you decide to sell your assets and transfer your money back to the UK or chosen country consider benefiting from favourable foreign exchange rates as this can decide if you make a profit or a loss?

As exchange rates are constantly fluctuating you would need to keep an eye on the rate of exchange and ensure a currency trading account is already in place to ensure you can trade your currency at the specified time so knowing when to trade can be tricky.

If you are looking at maximising your profit consider using a money transfer company to manage this for you as if you consider using a bank then you may lose a percentage of your profit as in some countries, banks can charge up to 1% of the value of your transfer.

There is also may be legal issues to consider, which differ from country to country, this could become confusing and may be a additional cost that you may not have factored in. With Businesses selling assets and people selling their property abroad often repatriating funds to the UK, believe they will make a profit, but could lose it all unexpectedly due to currency fluctuations.

Currency Brokers Repatriation Service can address these issues

Currency brokers are in the business of making international transfers, due to the vast amounts of money they transfer everyday around the world it is in some cases faster than banks, but guaranteed to be more cost-effective than using your bank. As currency brokers have experts in exchanging currency and this is the core of their business they will monitor the currency markets on your behalf, achieving the best possible rates of exchange where banks cannot.

By using currency brokers you will benefit from free professional guidance on the currency markets and get 0% commission and on most cases either free transfer fees or you may have to pay a transfer fee but in most cases these are still cheaper than using your own bank.

Why choose a currency broker how will it benefit you

Highly competitive exchange rates
Expert currency exchange guidance from a dedicated Account Manager
No commission fees
Fast money transfers
Either Free transfer charges or low transfer fees
The ability to fix exchange rates for a set time period, helping to protect you from adverse currency movements
No cost and free obligation to open a Trading Facility

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