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Remit2India limited Review

Remit 2 India Review

More information about Remit2India money transfer

Remit2India is a online money transfer business. Remit2India offer a quick delivery, prompt customer service, low transfer fees and attractive exchange rates coupled with easy-to-use online remittance tools ideal for customers that order online. The online money transfer system is quick, safer and saves up on valuable time when compared with the conventional mode of money transfer like Western Union.

With more and more customers switching to the online mode of money transfer considering the safety, ease and convenience Remit2India has only reason to cheer and come up with more and more innovative solutions to satisfy its increasing customer base.

2 - Free no obligation quote.

3 - Free market updates daily by email to stay in control.

Benefits & Charges

Best foreign exchange rates:
Remit2India offers attractive foreign exchange rates for your remittance. Which means more money in the hands of your beneficiary.

Free money transfer:
Remit2India offers free money transfers. Yes. Remit bigger amounts, and watch your transfer fees work out to negligible amounts or almost zero.

Times are changing, and the online convenience of transferring money with a simple click scores easily over the conventional modes of remittance.

Why use Remit2India foreign exchange broker?

Multiple send/receive options:
Remit2India offers several options to send and receive money.

Sending money? Here are your options
Pick from Online ACH, Rupee Express, Check, MoneyBookers, Wire transfer, Credit card, Net Banking Transfers to send money to India. Remit2India allows you to make a remittance in nine currencies, viz, U.S Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, Arab Emirates Dirhams, Australian Dollars and Hong Kong Dollars.

Receiving options:
Pick from the following receiving options

Direct credit in your bank account:
Remit2India has joined hands with around 90 partner banks in India including 11000 plus State Bank of India branches. The money will be directly credited to the beneficiaryýs bank account.

Demand draft:
Not holding an account with Remit2Indiaýs partner banks? A demand draft in Indian rupees will be delivered at your beneficiary's doorstep. Remit2India's reach spans 6,000 locations in India - reason why your family won't have to visit an agent to collect the money.

Remittance Card here:
The Remittance Card is the most convenient way for your loved ones to receive the money you send them. Brought to you in association with Axis Bank, the Remittance Card enables your loved ones to withdraw cash at over 15,000 VISA ATMs or even shop at over 1,30,000 merchant establishments across India

How do I set up an account to transfer money overseas?

Remit 2 India currency exchange has made it simple. All you need to do is click the (APPLY NOW BUTTON) and complete the online application form. Then provide your ID. Once this is done an account manager will give you a call or if you need assistance just give Remit 2 India a call.

Once your account is set up you can then complete a money transfer or set up direct debits at the best currency exchange rates.

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