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Rail holidays make travelling easier

Rail holidays make travelling easier

Tourists may soon look to make an overseas money transfer before touring Europe by rail, after Holidays By Rail claimed that an on-track getaway creates an "aura of relaxation".

Eric Hutchins, general managed of the railway-focused travel group, says that touring a foreign destination by rail side-steps a lot of the invasive security measures at airports and allows for a more laid-back journey.

"The key issue on a rail trip is that it is not flying. This creates an aura of relaxation before you even leave the station. No snaking security lines, no back-scatter scanners, no need to even sit down before the train moves," he commented.

Furthermore, train windows provide a ground-level sightseeing opportunity for tourists to get a look at local life.

"Countryside seen from ground level is a lot more involving than when seen from ten kilometres up," he remarked.

"One can reach small towns and villages with ease. Scenery passes that makes you wish you could slow down and see it again."

The Norwich-based holidaymaker said that seasonal festivities and winter activities were in abundance with rail trips.

Travellers can select from more than 25 train holidays to Christmas markets, mountain retreats, National Parks and seaside towns.

According to the experts, popular European winter itineraries see travellers trek off to the Iberian and Mediterranean coasts, while Norway's "beautiful cities" and German's Rhineland remain favourites.

Tourists can pick up the Rhine Valley Turkey & Tinsel package, a five-day pre-Christmas rail-cruise holiday to Andernach, Rudesheim, Boppard, Koblenz and Bonn.

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