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23-year-old woman charged For Picking Money up

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Woman Charged For Picking Money From The Ground

A 23-year-old woman in the United Kingdom charged after picking a £20 note from the ground. The Chief Inspector told the court that Nicole Bailey found the £20 note on the floor of the store freezer, picked it and hurriedly put it in her pocket.

The customer who accidentally dropped that note returned later to the store to inquire whether anybody had found it. To act on the matter, the management checked on the CCTV camera where they unmasked the culprit.

Police officers were called to the scene where they grilled Ms. Baily. When she denied the allegations, they showed her the CCTV footage pushing her to admit to it.

The court gave the woman a 6-month conditional discharge and ordered her to apologize and pay £175 to cover the legal costs.

“My client didn’t know the owner of the money. Many people across the world don’t realize that picking up something that doesn’t belong to them amounts to a theft. My client is, therefore, was naive in doing so,” said the defense lawyer.

“We would actively encourage any member of the public who finds anything that doesn’t belong to them, to be honest. Just do the right thing and try your best to find the owner. If you can’t find the owner, we urge you to take that thing to the police,” the Chief Inspector told the reporters.

If you think this won’t happen to you, just think again. If you pick money or anything from the ground that isn’t yours and takes it with you, you will be in a hot soup.

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Local and international criminals have invaded Tanzania's top mobile money transfer platforms.

The government authorities in this East African country have urged its citizens to beware of these fraudsters who have invaded Halopesa, Easy Pesa, M-Pesa, Tigo, and Airtel mobile money transfer services.

The recent data shows that Tanzanians transferred a total of Tsh13.07 trillion, equivalent to $5.4 billion, in November and December last year using various mobile money transfer platforms.

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and the Police have released their statements saying they are investigating a number of reported fraud cases involving mobile money transfer platforms.

TCRA and the Police said that there is a wide variety of fraud activities taking place in Tanzania but the rampant ones involve a group of fraudsters who make calls to unsuspecting mobile users telling them that they have won non-existent prizes.

"Some unsuspecting individuals are asked to reveal their mobile money transfer service pin numbers and immediately their money is withdrawn after revealing this sensitive information," Mr. Mwakyanjala said.

Mr. Mwakyanjala added that in some fraud cases involving mobile money transfer services, individuals received messages in their phones purportedly from their mobile money transfer service company informing them that they mistakenly received a certain amount of money in their mobile phone accounts and so they must consider refunding that money to the alleged sender.

"If you receive a phone call from any person even those you know instructing you to resend money back to the sender, you should call that person first using another phone number to confirm whether that information is true," the regulator released this statement last week.

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