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Overseas students to boost rental market in 2012

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Overseas students are boosting rental markets

Landlords offering up properties as university accommodation are set to reap the rewards of foreign students making overseas money transfers as they attend prestigious UK universities, according to

While many people fear that the planned 2012 tuition fee hikes will drive down student numbers, and thus the number of people looking for student housing, company director Jonathan Moore says foreign students will more than make up for any slump.

"Inward investment from overseas students will provide better opportunities still," he commented.

"Universities that are still able to attract foreign students will undoubtedly provide excellent investment options for investors, so it's well worth monitoring courses in towns and cities that offer these.

These students will also provide a boost to those working in the upper end of the student market as well as those offering private halls as international renters tend to have more money to spend.

"Foreign students often have bigger budgets, and so can afford higher quality or more luxurious accommodation, and their presence creates opportunities," Mr Moore elaborated.

The expert recently reassured landlords that the student rental market should remain as popular as ever despite the feared tuition fee increase.

"Living in students digs is 23 per cent cheaper than living in university halls on average," he revealed.

"As fees increase, cost-conscious students will be looking to save money wherever possible, and we anticipate a growing number will elect to move to digs for their first year and avoid university halls altogether to keep costs down."

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