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Overseas property buyers pointed towards US

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Overseas property buyers pointed towards US

Overseas property buyers have been encouraged to consider purchasing a residence in the US.

According to Annette Reeve, director of Mayfair International Realty, prospective buyers from the UK may benefit from snapping up a home sooner rather than later.

This, she said, is because if people wait too long, they may find the property they have their eye on has already gone.

Ms Reeve noted that if she was planning to buy a US property at the moment, she "probably wouldn't dawdle about too much".

"If I saw something that I liked, it felt right, I was buying it with my heart and I was looking at it either for a family property or a long-term investment, then I would probably buy it," she commented.

Ms Reeve pointed out that the exchange rate between the UK and the US has not changed considerably in the last few months.

Therefore, she has advised people not to worry too much about the relative values of the dollar and the pound changing.

"Don't fret too much over fluctuations because they can just happen during a transaction," Ms Reeve observed.

She added that overseas property buyers should instead concentrate their efforts on making sure they are getting a house that is suitable for them on a long-term basis.

Ms Reeve was speaking shortly after encouraged prospective overseas property buyers to look for opportunities in the US market.

The organisation said the country could represent a much better alternative to established economies in Europe, such as France.

Florida was flagged up as a particularly good option for real estate buyers to consider, as it offers both capital growth potential and healthy rental yields.

This means it could be ideal for those who want to use their property for both lifestyle purposes and to generate some wealth.

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