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Overseas investors 'drawn to London'

Overseas investors 'drawn to London'

London appears to be attracting more and more attention from investors around the world.

According to Derwent London, the capital has become "increasingly polarised" from the rest of the UK, reports the Telegraph.

This could be partly because the city is becoming highly popular with foreign nationals.

"Overseas investors are very much wanting to put money here," said John Burns, chief executive of Derwent.

Robert Rayne, chairman of the group, noted that there are several characteristics that have made London's real estate market appeal to people in other countries.

"Investment and tenant demand remain strong and supply of good quality office space is restricted by the constraints of planning and the general limited availability of finance," he observed.

As a result, investors could be set to keep transferring money to the UK and London in particular over the coming months.

Mr Rayne noted that London is regarded as something of a safe haven at the moment, since Britain is not in the eurozone and therefore not directly affected by its continuing debt crisis.

He added that recent high-profile events in the city have helped to boost the international reputation of the city.

For instance, he said the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and the Olympic Games have helped to enhance its "global status as a premier capital city".

This comes shortly after a report by Jones Lang LaSalle revealed the UK is proving to be especially popular with commercial property investors at the moment.

London was identified as a particular hotspot of activity, with the organisation noting it is the most sought-after location in the whole world. Indeed, the amount of investment activity in the UK capital during the second quarter of the year was nearly double that seen in both Paris and New York.

By contrast, Jones Lang LaSalle noted that the number of transactions in the south of Europe was limited between April and June 2012.

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