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OmnisFX Review - large international payments to France

options instead of using a bank

OmnisFX Review

Margin Explained - The maximum spread taken from interbank is 1%. This decreases as trade volume increases.

Minimum Transfer £2000

Options - In addition to standard Spot trades Omnis FX also offer Forward contracts up to 2 years. Can also help with regular payments, overseas school fees, regular pension payments.

OmnisFX can transfer Euros, GBP and USD on a same day transfer (subject to receipt of client funds)

OmnisFX Information

Omnis FX is a UK based currency exchange specialist. Omnis FX are a provider of competitive exchange rates for a variety of clients, both private and corporate. The company objective is to offer clients an unprecedented level of service coupled with a cost effective and efficient transaction service. Omnis FX will always endeavour to offer the most competitive exchange rates and will do their utmost to provide you with regular market updates so that you know where the markets are trading and why. Omnis FX account managers are friendly, polite, easily understood and are also extremely attentive and diligent.


  1. Risk Management - Manage your foreign exchange exposure with expert advice from Omnis FX foreign exchange specialists. Omnis FX prides itself on its individually tailored advisory service. Once your designated account manager has discussed and evaluated your foreign exchange requirements, they can regularly update you with relevant market news and industry forecasts.

For companies that are heavily exposed to currency volatility, pro-active exchange rate risk management can be the difference between a profit and a loss. Unfortunately, many companies do not have the resources to optimise such currency transactions.

2. Trading Strategies - By using a combination of contract types and market orders, Omnis FX can put together a clear trading strategy and help ease the burden of a constantly changing currency market.

Spot Contracts- A straight forward exchange of currency delivered immediately.

Spot contracts are used by businesses and individuals who require immediate foreign currency and the most competitive exchange rate. Clients who only require foreign currency occasional would benefit from this type of trade.

Forward Contracts - Fix competitive exchange rates to hedge future currency risk.

A forward contract allows an exchange rate to be fixed for delivery up to 24 months. This protects the client from future adverse currency movements. Forward contracts are ideal for individuals who may be looking to emigrate or purchase a property overseas but have up to 12 months or so to do so as well as companies who agree sales prices in advance and who need to buy from suppliers. In this case profit margins can be fixed in advance.

Market Orders - These are the two common types of market order used in currency risk management:

Stop Loss Order – Enables a business to set a minimum rate at which the desired currencies are exchanged. Stop loss orders are used by businesses to lock in a worst case exchange rate, whilst still benefiting from any favourable currency movement. Stop orders can be monitored closely and amended as the market moves.

Limit Order – Enables a business to set a target exchange rate at which point, if reached, currency will be purchased. A limit order is used by businesses that regularly transfer funds, and wish to capitalise on currency movements.

3. Security of funds

Omnisfx is regulated by HMRC under license number 12293997
Omnisfx is registered with the Financial Services Authority under registration number 485601
All clients' funds are held in segregated client accounts with NatWest Bank.
Omnisfx can also offer clients and Escrow facility if required.
4. No commission and no transfer fees

5. Free Account opening – there is no cost involved in opening an account with Omnisfx. There are also no administration fees to manage your account and you are not obliged to use our services once your account is open.

6. Fast international transfers- Omnisfx will transfer your funds free of charge by chaps/TT and can pay your supplier, solicitor, vendor or notary direct. This can save you both time and money!

Provided Omnisfx receive your funds on the same day we can also transfer USD, EURO, CHF, CAD and GBP on a same day transfer.*

Cut off for Euro same day is 14:30 hrs
Cut off for CHF same day is 14:30 hrs
Cut off for USD same day is 16:00 hrs
Cut off for CAD same day is 16:00 hrs
Cut off for GBP same day is 17:00 hrs
Omnis FX can also provide you with a payment confirmation should you require.

7. No obligation quotation – we will be more than happy to provide you with a dealing quotation by telephone or by email. Many banks will only offer you an indicative rate. Please note however that due to price fluctuations that the rate could be slightly better or worse several hours or minutes from your initial price.

8. Omnisfx will also supply a FREE daily market update as well as technical charts on your chosen currency.


The only disadvantage is that non-UK residents may find that it takes longer to process an account application. All non-UK applicants must provide a minimum of 2 x utility bills and a clear copy of their passport together with the application form.

In some instances, where a UK resident has recently changed address for example, Omnisfx will also need further documentation as above.

OmnisFX is the trading name for Omnis Capital FX Limited which is registered in England under company number 6420928 with its registered address at 59 Lafone Street, London SE1 2LX. *Omnis Capital FX is an appointed representative of Independent Portfolio Managers Ltd which is authorized and regulated by the financial services authority'

Omnis Capital FX Limited is registered with HM Revenue and Customs under Registration Number 12293997.

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