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Morocco 'offers healthy yields to property investors'

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Morocco 'offers healthy yields to property investors'

Foreign property buyers who are looking to collect strong returns on their investment have been pointed towards Morocco.

According to, many property investors have been able to collect healthy yields in Marrakech in particular.

Nik Kapur, senior consultant at the group, said this is because the city boasts a particularly strong rental market. Indeed, he noted the shortage of hotel rooms in the centre of Marrakech means there is considerable demand for short-term rentals at the moment.

As a result, property investors have been able to transfer money from the UK to Morocco and cash in on this trend.

Mr Kapur stated that the real estate market in Marrakech is growing right now, which means property owners could benefit from capital appreciation over the next few years.

He identified the city as the main hotspot of activity in Morocco among overseas property buyers, as it is the country's "fastest growing" area and an increasingly popular holiday destination.

This, he noted, has led to authorities stepping up their investment in its infrastructure, thereby enhancing its appeal to foreign nationals even more.

"A new train station and airport terminal were recently opened and there has been a steady increase in the amount of tourist arrivals," Mr Kapur commented.

He added that these have been complemented by new motorway connections to other major destinations, such as Agadir and Casablanca. Mr Kapur said this means Marrakech is now the "perfect hub for travel to other parts of the country".

This comes shortly after he advised overseas property buyers that Morocco is the "most stable" country in north Africa. Indeed, he noted that while places such as Tunisia and Egypt have recently gone through massive political turmoil and upheaval, Morocco's leader is very popular and viewed as a moderniser that has introduced "much-needed reform".

Mr Kapur said that this, combined with its growing economy, means it is a particularly good destination for foreign investors to consider.

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