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Money Transfer Price Comparison Site wins award

At Compare money transfer we specialise in giving you the right information about foreign exchange and money transfer brokers, giving you peace of mind and security when exchanging foreign currency.

Compare money transfer realise that most people are naturally concerned about handing over their hard earned money without the security that a history of transactions provides, as with your own bank. On your behalf, Compare money transfer have made an arrangements only to list FSA regulated companies that keep your money safe and secure.

You can choose to have any payment you make transferred into your solicitor's client account, rather than an account controlled by any of the foreign exchange brokers listed. You would instruct your solicitor to pay them only when they see that the correct payment transaction has been processed on your behalf to your designated account. This removes any risk or worry that you might have over the transaction.

When looking for a Foreign Exchange service from our money transfer comparison site, check what percentage the margin is, as this can vary slightly between providers. Some money transfer brokers have set a minimum limit and will charge a fee if the amount you wish to transfer is below this (for example, the minimum transfer amount free of charge may be £5,000).

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