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Money Transfer By Visa

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How Money Transfers by Visa work

Visa now offer Visa cardholders the ability to transfer money from one Visa card to another Visa Card. The money transfer service is a new secure and convenient way to share money and this service is called Visa Money Transfer.

Visa Money Transfer is a service that is only available to cardholders by the partner bank or company that has issue the Visa card.

You can use the Visa Money Transfer service simply by signing up to the online banking service where once you receive conformation you can then use this service as and when you require. As this service is provided by Visa you can use it 24 hours a day - 365 day where once you have confirmed how much you wish to transfer and confirmed the transaction the funds are sent immediately where the recipient has the money from the transfer deposited straight on to their Visa card.

Once the recipient receives the funds which is available to spend instantly in all major currencies they have the option to either make purchases or withdraw the money from a atm machine.

Visa offer a simple and Instant money transfer service

As you would expect from Visa there is no complicated forms or accounts to set up it is simply done online where it gives the ability for any Visa cardholder to send money as and when they require instantly all they need to do is confirm the amount they wish to transfer and provide the recipient's Visa card number.

Money transfer transactions is a quick and safe service provided by the company Visa Money Transfer as it enables it's global network to processes your transactions and is already doing millions of transactions a day.

Visa Money Transfer offer a convenient and safe service

Visa cardholders can make secure safe payments and if you do not have the recipient's full details they can still process the payment transfer as all they need is the recipient's name and email a email address.

The recipient's receive an email about the money to be sent then access the Visa Money Transfer website and enter their own card details to accept the money. The sender can track the transfer online and is sent e-mail updates so every stage of the process can be traced.

Even if the recipient doesn't have a Visa card, they can collect the cash from a nominated bank branch.

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