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Millions of UK workers would move overseas for better jobs

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Millions of UK workers would move overseas for better jobs

Foreign money transfers could be in demand if more UK workers decide to make a move abroad in search of better jobs.

According to a new survey by GfK NOP Engage, some 7.6 million Brits would be willing to set up a new life overseas to improve their job prospects.

This equates to 27 per cent of the country's workforce, who are becoming frustrated with static wages and the rising cost of living in the UK.

Younger workers are more likely to consider an overseas move, with 36 per cent of 18 to 29-year-olds claiming they would move countries for their careers.

Graduates are also more likely than those educated to a secondary school level to leave the UK in search of a better job, the survey showed.

Sukhi Ghataore, director of GfK NOP Engage, said: "Our findings indicate Britain has a risk of brain drain in the coming year."

"Both blue collar and white collar workers in the UK show a quarter of their number are willing to look overseas for work, and that figure rises for the higher educated workers."

However, it's not just UK workers who are getting itchy feet. The survey also showed that workers in many other countries are considering moving abroad to seek out better employment prospects.

In the US and Canada, for example, a fifth of workers would be willing to move to a different country. Of these, almost half are actively looking for overseas work.

Those planning to move abroad in the near future will need to start thinking about how they are going to transfer their money to their new country of residence.

By using a specialist foreign exchange broker, it is possible to lock in a favourable rate of exchange now to protect against fluctuations later.

Fees can also be avoided by using a broker instead of a high street bank, making the move less expensive than it otherwise would be.

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