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Millionaire' Who Claims To Give Free Money To Strangers

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Millionaire who Gives Free Money To Strangers

Police Launch Investigations Into 'Millionaire' Who Claims To Give Free Money To Strangers.

The latest news about money involves a bizarre millionaire’ whom the police is investigating for giving strangers money to reduce any taxation burdens.

Tom Sussi, an investigator who works at 6 On Your Side, thought he had seen it all but this was not the case until “The Gift” came along.

He revealed in his report that a local millionaire volunteered to give him money to help him lower his tax burden. The alleged millionaire is also helping several other strangers. In exchange for a nice tax break, this bizarre millionaire gives away free money to people who are not known to him.

Ah, but you might receive your catch. To be considered for this bizarre gift, interested individuals first need to pay $150.00 upfront, the money which the millionaire say will cover a background check.

This story sounds fishy the reason Columbus Police have launched investigations to find out what this man is aiming at.

In other related news

Saint Lucia police’s special crime unit have seized over 1 million EC dollars in cash. They carried out two separate operations which led to the discovery of that amount and the subsequent arrest of a local and two Venezuelan nationals.

Police officers from Saint Lucia police’s special crime unit intercepted a car at the Dennery bypass. After conducting a thorough search of the vehicle, they found $395,000 US dollars stuck on the car’s interiors. This is according to the information released by the Times on 7th February 2017.

Anthony Jaye who is a Saint Lucia national and Antonio Alcantara who hails from Venezuela were arrested and charged with money laundering.

The suspects were arraigned in court on Friday last week and were to Bordelais Correctional Facility pending the hearing of their case in the coming months.

The police confirmed to the press that the two suspects are scheduled to reappear in court on 14th February for a bail hearing.

In a separate incident, police are reported to have launched another search operation at the home of Ricardo Jose Flores Montana, a Venezuelan national who resides in Rodney Heights. The search operation which was carried out on 10th February 10, 2016, seized $US 131,720 and 10,000 Euros.

Ricardo Jose Flores Montana was charged with money laundering. The police say that they have enough evidence and they will take him to court on Tuesday, February 14, 2017.

In other news

Mumbai police’s crime branch unit have detailed three suspects who were found with 63 lakhs of old currency notes. The detained suspects include tattoo artist, Amit Jahangir and Gaurishankar Mistry and jewelers Rajesh Jain.

The suspects were rounded up based on the tip-off from the public. The police picked them up from Mumbai Central area during an intensive operation which involved several policemen. During a search operation, the police found 63.2 lakh of old currency notes in 1000 rupee notes.

The most interesting part of this case was the commission rate at which these three suspects were exchanging the old currency notes. After several hours of interrogation, they told the police that they were exchanging it at 1% of the total amount.

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