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Asian investors drawn to London commercial property

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Middle East investors buy London commercial property

While the UK is vulnerable in the face of the continuing financial crisis in the eurozone, the fact it is not actually a member of the financial bloc is seen by some to work in its favour.

So while the financial markets continue to watch the situation nervously, Britain is seen as a relative safe haven when compared to some of the more indebted European countries, such as Portugal and Greece.

As a result, many investors have remained keen to transfer money to the UK and tie up funds in assets such as commercial property.

Indeed, Jones Lang LaSalle noted recently that commercial property in London is proving to be especially popular with buyers from other countries.

Andrew Burrell, the organisation's head of forecasting, said much of this interest is coming from Asia and the Middle East - "parts of the world that are doing quite well".

"London has a much broader range of people interested in it," he observed.

"It is a deeper market - it isn't just people from the UK."

Mr Burrell acknowledged that London is no different from other commercial property markets in that it has both strengths and weaknesses. However, he said it appears to be far more resilient than many other locations.

"It is the first market people come back to when things pick up," Mr Burrell commented.

Indeed, he stated that the British capital boasts many structural advantages that other major cities do not have. Mr Burrell said this means that London can always appear as a more attractive option to investors even if conditions are "looking a bit weak" elsewhere.

He added that investors view the city as a place that can provide them with a sense of security, as well as the potential of getting good returns in the long term.

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