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real estate 'offers value and security to foreign investors'

real estate offers value & security to foreign investors

The property market in central London is continuing to prove very popular with investors based outside the UK, experts have noted.

According to London Central Portfolio, the heart of the capital is attracting lots of interest from wealthy international buyers in particular.

Naomi Heaton, chief executive of the organisation, said this is partly because they view it as a safe and secure option amid difficulties in the wider global economy.

"With ongoing uncertainty around the world, the correlation of London Central's performance to gold, the perennial safe haven investment, is remarkable and a key driver in its appeal as an alternative asset," she commented.

Ms Heaton noted that investors around the world remain concerned about the state of the global economy and when it is likely to pick up.

This, she said, has led to a renewed appetite among investors for "blue chip assets which can ride out fluctuations in the markets".

Ms Heaton stated that property in central London "ticks all the boxes", which suggests foreign investors will continue to transfer money to the UK for some time to come.

The area's real estate market was described as a hedge against both economic and political instability in investors' home countries.

She added it is also a "proven performer at a time" when conditions in the stock market remain volatile.

Ms Heaton's observations back up the latest figures from Knight Frank, which showed London is attracting lots of interest from Russian investors, as well as people from India, France and Italy.

This strong demand from overseas led to the value of prime central London property going up by 0.5 per cent during August 2012. Statistics also revealed last month's prices were 9.9 higher than they had been a year earlier.

Prime central London property values are nearly 50 per cent up on the amount recorded when the market hit a trough in March 2009 following the credit crunch.

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